Rustig Comfort Plugs | Noise Reducing Wax Ear Plugs | 25 Pair


» Rustig Comfort Plugs are the perfect ear plugs for daily use! Whether you are sleeping, studying, working, or reading, these plugs offer comfortable noise reduction.

» The soft wax can be shaped and molded to your ears for the perfect fit every time. These ear plugs feel like they were made just for you!

» When used as directed, the plugs offer up to 24 dB of hearing protection. This package contains 25 pairs of wax ear plugs.

» The soft wax material is hypoallergenic and will not irritate the skin. You can wear these ear plugs comfortably for hours at a time!

» You can’t turn off the noise of the outside world. but you can block it out! If you are looking for quality sleep, need to focus, or protect your ears from loud noise, Rustig Comfort Plugs will do the job!

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When life gets loud, protect your hearing with Rustig Comfort Plugs! These ear plugs are ideal for everyday activities like sleeping, reading, studying, or any other time your ears need a break from the loud world. The soft wax forms to the shape of your ear for a perfect fit every time. When used as directed, these wax ear plugs offer up to 24dB of comfortable noise reduction. Rustig Comfort Plugs will help you get through the day comfortably and quietly. You can’t turn off the the noise of the outside world, but you can block it out! 

How to insert wax plugs: 1. With clean hands, remove one Rustig Comfort Plug from the box and hold it between your thumb and pointer finger. Roll the plug between your fingers until it is the right size for your ear. 2. To insert the plug, gently pull your ear up and back to open your ear. This helps the ear plug work most effectively to create a proper seal. 3. Place the plug in your ear and press it into place. You can adjust and mold the plug until it fits snugly in your ear. Repeat steps for the other side. 

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