Distance Learning: Tips on Learning From Home

Learning from Home

Back to school time looks very different for many students and families this year. Whether kids are going back to school full-time, doing a hybrid schedule, or learning from home full-time, this school year is sure to present different challenges! Learning from home can be difficult for kids and parents alike. I’ve put together a […]

Managing Stress for the Family

This fall may present some interesting challenges for you and your family. With new routines, going back to school or learning from home, along with the challenges of the past few months, your family might be feeling a little stressed! Now is the perfect time to check on your family and work on ways you […]

Make the Most of Your Summer, Socially Distanced!

Socially Distanced Summer

Who else feels like this summer is flying by?! Now that we are entering the last half of the summer it feels like it is time to really make the most of the warm weather. But it’s still important to be mindful of COVID-19 guidelines and take precautions to keep your community safe. So how […]

Picnic Recipes: Summer Garden Vegetables!

Family Picnic

If you planted a garden this spring you have probably been busy harvesting all the fresh veggies! Nothing hits the spot like fresh vegetables especially after putting the time, sweat, and love into growing them. And what better way to enjoy them than out in the sunshine on a warm summer day!  I’ve put together […]

Your Summer Told By Diabetes Bags

Chillmed Summer

Managing your medications in the summer can be a pain. Getting out more and being away from home for longer hours means that being prepared is more important than ever. But with the right diabetes bags, you can enjoy your summer worry-free! So check out a few of the bags we have to offer and […]

Stay Organized: First Aid Kit Edition

first aid kit supplies

When was the last time you checked your first aid kit? I hate to admit it but I haven’t taken stock of my first aid kit since I first put it together. Most of us are just grabbing a band aid here and there so it’s easy to just forget about it! That is until […]

Stay Connected With Your Community

stay safe in the community

Just like its important to stay connected with your family and friends during this time, it is important to stay connected within your community. So many services are now offered virtually, for example, speaking with a doctor or pharmacist, ordering food online, and virtual workout classes. Finding ways to safely support the local community can […]

Tips for Staying Connected Virtually

Stay Connected

With Coronavirus leading to stay at home orders and social distancing, it is easy to feel isolated and alone. According to experts, a lack of in person contact can actually lead to stress and loneliness. This is why it has become so important to stay connected with friends and family virtually! Video calls and messaging […]

Spring Favorites!

GMS Spring Favorites

If you are new to GMS or just haven’t been here is a while, then this blog is for you! With such a wide variety of products, it can be easy to spend hours looking through the GMS website! So I’ve put together a list of my spring favorites to give you a good place […]

Manage Your Medication and Get Active!

medication management

After a long winter in the Midwest, the warm spring weather is so welcome! I will find any excuse to get outside and get my body moving. I know we are limited by this quarantine, but I am trying my best to stay physically active (while social distancing of course!) and I encourage you to […]