Diabetic Organizers

  • Chillmed Micro Cooler (Black) Just Bag

    $24.98 UPC: 636422000474
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  • Dittibags Skinny Case Diabetic Wallet Black

    Dittibag’s Skinny Case Diabetic Wallet (Black)

    $18.98 UPC: 636422000047
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  • DittiBags Diabetic Travel Wallet

    DittiBags Diabetic Travel Wallet Blue, Black or Pink

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  • ChillMED Premier Diabetic Bag

    ChillMED Premier Diabetic Travel Organizer (Burgundy) with 24 Oz. Gel Pack

    $39.98 UPC: 636422000559
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  • Diabetic Weekly Travel Organizer

    Diabetic Weekly Travel Organizer ChillMED Elite

    $39.98 UPC: 840132213097
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  • Insulin Pen Protector Cooler ChillMed

    ChillMED Pen cooler

    $19.99 UPC: 840132213134
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  • ChillMed Companion

    ChillMed Companion Diabetes Glucose Meter Case

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  • Diabetic Weekly Travel Organizer

    ChillMED Elite 3 Slate + Ice Pack

    $39.98 UPC: 840132213110
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  • ChillMED To-Go Medication Kit

    ChillMED To-Go Medication Kit

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  • ChillMED Carry-All Diabetic Belt Bag

    ChillMED Carry-All Diabetic Belt Bag

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  • ChillMED type 1 Daily Diabetic Bag

    ChillMED Daily Diabetic Bag Type1 Insulin Cooler

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  • hillMED Elite Diabetic Weekly

    ChillMED Elite Diabetic Weekly Travel Organizer

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