Rustig Construction Noise Reducing Soft Foam Earplugs (100 Pairs)


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Rustig Construction Plugs are a no-nonsense earplug ready to get to work.

  • RELIABLE: Rustig Ear Plugs ensure that you’re going to make it to Friday safely and ready to hear the big game.
  • HARDWORKING: For when you have a job that requires your earplugs to work as hard as you do, you can trust Rustig to get the job done.
  • SNUG: Rustig Ear Plugs doesn’t compromise on comfort and provides a no-nonsense snug fit for the ones that do it their own way and just want work in peace and quiet.
  • HIGH VISIBILITY: High visibility for high-quality work. Rustig pink ensures that you’ll always be able to find your earplugs on the site because any job worth doing is worth doing safely.
  • QUANTITY ENOUGH SEVERAL JOBS: We all put our boots on one at a time, and earplugs are no different. With 100 pairs at your disposal, you can trust that Rustig will be there for every early morning and long night.
  • SKU: GMS50080

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