Managing your medications in the summer can be a pain. Getting out more and being away from home for longer hours means that being prepared is more important than ever. But with the right diabetes bags, you can enjoy your summer worry-free! So check out a few of the bags we have to offer and get to making those summer plans! Don’t let managing your medications hold you back.

Ice Cream Run

Nothing hits the spot on a hot summer day like a scoop (or three) of your favorite cold treat! Whether that means ice cream, frozen yogurt, or a smoothie, a sweet treat is sure to cool you off on a hot day. The Dittibag Travel Wallet is the perfect bag to grab while you head out the door for an ice cream run. It is an all-in-one diabetic bag and wallet, so not only can it hold your pen and pen tips, but it has room for cash and credit cards! Everything you need for an ice cream run all in one place. It’s small enough to throw in your bag but cute enough that you’ll want to carry it on its own! Sweet treats + Dittibag + sunshine = the perfect summer afternoon.

Boat Day 

Looking for a socially distanced hangout this summer? Try a day on the boat! Just you and a few friends or family members out on the open water makes it easy to keep your distance from crowds. So pack up some sunscreen, snacks, and your ChillMed To-Go bag for a fun day out on the boat! The To-Go bag is so perfect for an afternoon on the lake. The bag is small enough to fit in your beach bag but large enough to fit your daily insulin, migraine meds, or other medications. The bag is great for carrying vials or a pen and other essentials like alcohol wipes and syringes. The ice pack has a little notch which keeps your vials or pen safe and cool. The hot summer sun is no match for the ChillMed To-Go!



Getting out for a good hike is one of my favorite things to do in the warm summer months. Fresh air, exercise, and nature are sure to improve your mood any day! But when you need to bring supplies like an inhaler, epipen, insulin, or other medical supplies, packing can get overwhelming. Luckily, the ChillMed Carry-All has room for all the afternoon hiking essentials. It is awesome for carrying insulin, pens, migraine meds,  epipens, and other medical supplies you might need. It also has room for things like your phone and wallet! And if you are like me and you hate carrying a bag, then the belt option is perfect! You can wear the bag like a fanny pack, keeping your hands free and ready for whatever your hike may bring!


Family Cook Out 

Who else loves the smell of BBQ on the grill?? I am a sucker for that backyard BBQ food. A cookout is one of the most classic summer activities. So mix up some lemonade, fire up the grill, and break out the yard games! The ChillMed Type 1  makes the perfect cookout buddy. It’s small enough to easily carry with you but can easily fit enough supplies to keep you going all day and night! With up to 6 hours of cool time you can keep your important medications cool all day and into the evening. This bag lets you bring enough supplies so you won’t have to leave the party early! 


Camping Trip

What would summer be without at least one camping trip? Sleeping under the stars, eating one too many s’mores, and sitting around the campfire will make for one great weekend. But managing your medications can be a little stressful when you are a ways out into the wilderness. The ChillMed Elite diabetes bag can help you manage some of that stress! With up to 14 hours of cool time, you can be sure your important medications will stay cool and ready to use when you need them. This bag has plenty of space so you can bring the essentials as well as some back-up supplies. It has plenty of space for pens, vials, syringes, a meter, low snacks, and much more. Give yourself some peace-of-mind when it comes to managing your medications and enjoy that weekend camping trip! 


With so many diabetes bags to choose from, you will be able to find one for every summer activity! Don’t let the stress of managing your medications ruin your summer plans. For more detailed information on the bags you can check out our “Which ChillMed Bag Are You?” blog. 

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