Rustig Pressure Reducing Travel Ear Plugs


Fly in Comfort and Peace with Rustig Travel Plugs.

  • COMFORT: These silicone ear plugs will help reduce pressure during flights and car rides for a more enjoyable trip! The soft material is contoured to fit most ear canals, offering next-level comfort.
  • SAFETY: When used as directed, the ear plugs deliver 23 decibel hearing protection in light to medium noise areas.
  • SILENCE: Whether you need to sleep on your flight, or are just looking for some peace away from the noise, the 23 decibels of protection delivered by Rustig Travel Plugs ensures that your flight will be enjoyable one!
  • REUSABLE: The silicone material is hypoallergenic and hand washable, allowing you to get the most use out of your ear plugs!
  • CONVENIENT: The travel case makes for safe storage of the ear plugs and it fits easily into bags, purses, and pockets for travel. Always have your ear plugs with you and ready to use with the travel case!
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Rustig Travel Plugs

Get to your destination pain-free with Rustig Pressure Reducing Ear Plugs! With ten reusable plugs and a travel case, these ear plugs will help you through every adventure. Rustig Travel Plugs will relieve discomfort caused by altitude change during flying and when driving through mountains and valleys. When used as directed, these ear plugs will reduce background noise up to 23 decibels for a more enjoyable trip!

The soft silicone material contours to fit most ear canals for optimal comfort and pressure reduction. Rustig Ear Plugs will provide a more gradual change in air pressure while you fly, which will reduce stress on your ear canals and ear drums. The premium silicone material is also hypoallergenic and hand washable which allows you to re-use the ear plugs. You will also get a travel case that fits two ear plugs for easy storage. The case makes travel convenient and will help you keep track of your ear plugs when they are not in use! It’s a noisy world, protect your hearing with our affordable, quality ear plugs!

For more info on how pressure reducing ear plugs can help you, check out our “Where To Next?” Blog! Protect your ears with Rustig.

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