If you are new to GMS or just haven’t been here is a while, then this blog is for you! With such a wide variety of products, it can be easy to spend hours looking through the GMS website! So I’ve put together a list of my spring favorites to give you a good place to start. These spring must-haves will help you make the most of this spring and feel your best!

Eye Wash Cup

If you are going to treat yourself to just one item this spring, the Eye Wash Cup is it! I have struggled with allergies for my entire life and they get especially bad in the spring. One of the worst symptoms is dry, itchy eyes. And if you’ve read the Seasonal Allergy blog, you know that TONS of people suffer from allergies in the spring. Using the Eye Wash Cup to rinse your eyes regularly provides much needed relief! Not to mention, the cup is reusable so you can use it again and again. 


Adding an eye rinse to my daily routine has been a game-changer. The Eye Wash Cup helps gently remove allergens and irritants from your eyes and leaves your eyes feeling so fresh. The cup is great to use any time of year but is particularly effective for those spring allergies! And it’s so easy to use that kids and adults alike will love it! Once you give it a try, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without an Eye Wash Cup. It’s easy to see why this little cup is first on our list of Spring Favorites!


ChillMed Carry All

This bag is a MUST in the spring! The compact ChillMED bag is perfect for carrying the essentials like medication, insulin, an inhaler, a cell phone, and more. It can be carried as a belt bag making it great for going on walks, bike rides, or getting outside with the kids.  And let’s face it, belt bags are the trend we have all been waiting for. Cute and convenient? Yes, please! 


With an adjustable strap you can wear the bag securely around your waist or wear it as a cross-body bag. Either way allows you to carry it hands-free. The zippered pockets will keep your supplies safe while you are out-and-about so you can also be worry-free! With two pockets you can keep your supplies organized and easily accessible for when you need them. And with three cute colors, you are sure to find one (or two!) that fits your style. 


Tritan Stackable 

The Tritan Stackable Pill Organizer is not only functional, but also so cute! It comes in our signature rainbow color scheme as well as a more subtle clear version. We know how limited cabinet and counter space can be and that’s why this stacked pill case is so great. The stackable design is compact so it takes up very little space! The small size also makes it a great travel case. It can easily be stored in a backpack or purse and taken on-the-go.


The seven compartments make it so easy to keep your pills organized which is key when it comes to managing your medication. And the new Tritan plastic is stronger than ever so you can be confident that your medications are safe and secure. You can also unscrew each of the seven compartments making it so easy to take just one or two on-the-go which is ideal for spring when you are getting out of the house more! Toss one of the compartments in your ChillMED Carry-All Bag and you are set!



Now is a great time to try something new and our Spring Favorites are the perfect place to start! The Eye Wash Cup, Carry-All, and Stackable Pill Case are all great items to have this spring. All three will help you manage your health and will make your daily life so much easier! So check them out, try something new, and treat yourself this week – you deserve it!

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