This week has been full of National Holidays. If you’ve even glanced at your Instagram feed this week I’m sure you were hit in the face with all the couple photos celebrating #NationalBoyfriendDay. Which by the way, it is not a super fun holiday to celebrate if you’re super single. I’m here to talk about a holiday that we can all enjoy, single or taken, it is Get Organized Week! Get Organized Week is the first week of October…clearly, I’m not that organized this week as this is coming to you at the end of the week. Better late than never, right? That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

What is Get Organized Week?

If you keep up with any social media platform, then I’m sure you’ve noticed a post at least once a week saying “happy #nationaldogday” or “yay for #nationalpizzaday.” These random little holidays are never-ending. October 3rd was, of course, #NationalMeanGirlsDay. We’ve gotta show our love to Regina George.


Get Organized Week is something a little new to me, but the meaning behind it is great. Get Organized Week was started by the National Association of Professional Organizers in 1992. The goal of this week is to focus on the benefits of getting organized and the tools used to achieve that goal. A designated week for organization can help you streamline your life, create more time, and lower your stress level. I think we can all agree that those are some pretty great benefits.

End the Year Strong

I’ll let you in on a little secret that I just learned… the National Association of Professional Organizers moved Get Organized Week to an entire month in January. However, I am still going to celebrate and partake in it during the first week of October. It’s the end of the year, Fall is in full swing and winter is right around the corner up here in Minnesota, which makes for the perfect time to declutter.


For me, winter can be draining. It’s dark and cold, which makes me want to snuggle up next to my little puppy and not put away my laundry. However, clutter and messy areas drain our productivity and creativity. So, why not take the weekend to clean up and give yourself a little boost to get through the end of the year?! You’ll thank me for it later.

Cleaning Your Work Space

The change of seasons can spark a funky mood for some people (me being one of them). This week let’s get on top of it. Starting with our workspace. Clean that desk area. Even if you just have a cubicle (again, me being one of the cubicle peeps). Take everything off your desk. Dust every corner, flat surface, even the sides. Get it all. Then, sweep and vacuum your area because we all know you probably dropped some crumbs from a mid-afternoon snack and were too lazy to pick them up.


You’ll likely make a bigger mess before things start to get organized. At least that is how it works for me. Step two is to keep only the essential items on your desk. Remove all the post-it notes that aren’t needed and organize them into a planner. Move all of your piles of paper into folders and into the drawer. Your desk should include your phone, computers, pens/pencils, planners, a plant, and that’s it. Everything else needs its own home.

Cleaning Your Bedroom

Ahhh the dreaded time of deep cleaning the bedroom. Yes, that includes your closet. Start with dusting, then vacuum or sweep the ground. Make your bed and start making it every day. There have been studies that state those who make their beds every day are more successful. Now, it all depends on what your definition of success is, but either way be an adult and just make the bed. If you love little knickknacks and decorations, move them to a windowsill or install a floating bookshelf. This way your nightstands and dresser tops won’t look like a chaotic mess.


When it comes to your closet, it’ll be a little bit longer of a process (at least it is for my closet). Of course, do all the dusting, sweeping, or vacuuming. Then, organize those shoes. Either line them up or get a shoe rack to give them a designated home. Next up, your clothes. Keep all the hangers the same way, organize your clothes either by color or style. I do mine by style. Tank tops, t-shirts, long sleeves, sweaters, jackets, work out gear, etc. I’ve never been one to color coordinate my closet, but hey if it works for you then turn that closet into a rainbow!


The part about keeping the hangers the same way is very important. When you wear an item turn the hanger the other way. This way, at the end of six months or maybe a year, if you’re giving yourself more of a grace period, you will be able to tell what clothes you’ve worn in the last year. If you haven’t worn them, donate them. They are just taking up space and causing clutter. Let them move on.

Let’s Head to the Bathroom

an organization box used for storing vitamins





Time to get scrubbing. The floors, the shower, the toilet, the sink, the mirror. Scrub it all down so that it sparkles. Believe it or not, we spend quite a bit of time in our bathroom so let’s keep them clean and organized. Once it’s up to your standards on the surface level, start going through the drawers. Clean those out. Throw away old products that you haven’t used in years and organize your products that you do use.


If you have a lot of vitamin and prescription bottles just falling over each other every time you pick something up, get an organizer. Get a box that keeps all your medication in the same place, takes up less space, and causes less stress in your daily routine.

The Rest of your Humble Abode

By now, I’m sure you get the main point of how to get organized this week. Dust, sweep, and vacuum. Toss old items that you don’t use. Give each product or item a home and let it live there always. Add some more organization tools to your house to help out. Bookshelves, organization boxes, pen holders, etc.


Whatever you need to organize and go through do it this week. Stop pushing it off. Also, organizing and freeing up space can also be mentally freeing! Let go of all the anger and sadness that is holding you back. Be in the present moment and think of three things that you’re grateful for each day. These little moments that you’re thankful for will make you realize that things really aren’t as bad as they seem.


Alright, enough of me talking your ear off. GET CLEANING! If you need any more suggestions for how to organize your life and humble abode, reach out to me via social media or the comments. I love being organized and helping others reach their inner organization, King or Queen.

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