ChillMED Elite 3 Slate + Ice Pack


  • ELITE ORGANIZER: Have a lot of stuff? No problem! This bag is perfect for organizing all of your diabetic supplies in one place With a chilled side and a non-chilled side, there is space for all your essential items (and then some)! And with specially designed pockets, you can easily keep your supplies organized.
  • COOL TIME: The bag includes a Polar Tech Re-Freez-R Brix 16 OZ foam pack which gets up to 14 hours of cold time! Take the stress out of traveling with your important medication with the ChillMED Elite.
  • STORAGE: This bag is specially designed to accommodate all of your diabetic supplies including glucose meters, insulin meters, test strips, pens, syringes, medications, and more. This bag makes it easy to carry all of your supplies whether you are going on a trip or just going about your day.
  • HIGH QUALITY: The quality material is built to last and to keep your medication and supplies secure. The durable material and detachable carrying strap make this the perfect diabetic bag for travel and everyday use.
  • SIZE & COLORS: ChillMED Elite Diabetic Structured Travel Bag measures: 9.5″ x 6″ x 3.5″. The Elite comes in three great colors: Red, Blue, and Slate

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Weekly Diabetic Travel Organizer Slate ChillMED Elite

Stay Cool and Prepared with the ChillMED Elite

The ChillMED EliteWeekly Diabetic Travel Organizer is a game changer for active individuals managing diabetes. This versatile bag offers a reliable solution for daily or weekly use, catering to those on the move. Whether you’re jetting off on a trip or simply need to keep your diabetic supplies, insulin, or medications cool and accessible, the ChillMED Elite has got you covered.

Chill and Store

This bag is specially designed with functionality in mind. It features a chilled side, perfect for keeping insulin at the right temperature, while the non-chilled side accommodates other necessary supplies. In addition with a compact and durable build, the ChillMED Elite is ready to accompany you wherever you go. Plus, it’s available in three stylish colors: Red, Slate, and Blue.

Exceptional Insulation

The secret to the ChillMED Elite’s success lies in its closed cell foam insulation. This insulation not only ensures your supplies are well-protected but also extends cooling times. The chilled side comes equipped with a 16-ounce Polar Tech Re-Freez-R Brix that guarantees more than 14 hours of cooling, keeping your insulin at the ideal temperature.

Stay Organized

Organization is key, and the ChillMED Elite doesn’t disappoint. The chilled side is comes with two 6-ounce reusable gel packs that offer over 12 hours of cooling. To prevent any unexpected spills or mishaps, a zipper was added to keep the gel packs securely in place. Elastic straps provide a convenient way to hold up to five vials and three pens, ensuring you have everything you need in one place.

Your Cooling Companion

For the ultimate cooling experience, ?Above all our ChillMED Elite Weekly Diabetic Travel Organizer includes two (2) Cold-Pax brand 6-ounce gel packs. These heavy duty gel refrigerants are made to withstand the test of time, providing up to 12 hours of cold time. Whether you’re dealing with temperatures between 45 and 55 degrees from the freezer to your destination, this bag has your back.


All in all the ChillMed Elite is a great bag! But if you aren’t sure that it’s right for you, check out or blog “What ChillMed Bag Are You?

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