Finding the right diabetic supply kit for your needs can be tricky. There are many options out there. From stylish wallets, backpacks, insulated bags, and more. With so many decisions it can be hard to decide. Have you ever been shopping for candy and the amount of different options was so overwhelming that eventually you just gave up and didn’t get anything? Yep. Been there. Just last week.


When it comes to organizing your diabetes supplies and taking control of your chronic illness you shouldn’t feel this way. Let’s figure out what GMS ChillMED bag you would be if you decided to become an organizing pro.

ChillMED To-Go

Our first ChillMED bag is the To-Go. This bag is 7.25” x 4.5” x 1.25” making it our smallest bag available. The To-Go is equipped with a 3-ounce Cold Pax that provided 3-4 hours of cold time for your medications or snacks that need to be kept cool. This bag has a strap on top which allows you to carry it like a briefcase if you’d like. However, due to the size of this bag, it fits inside nearly any backpack or tote bag.


The To-Go is the ideal bag for an afternoon out and about. The bag has two pockets that Velcro closed and an open area for you to store your supplies. There are NOT individual holders for your glucometer, pens, insulin vials, etc. However, that is the point of this bag. You’re headed out for an afternoon, not all day. Therefore, grab the essentials and some backups and toss them into the bag. Don’t actually toss them because you don’t want to break anything, but you know what I mean.


Need an idea of where you could take this bag with you? Well, you’re in luck, I have ideas for all six bags. Here they are for the To-Go: if you’re watching a sporting event at a school, stadium, or friend’s house. If you’re headed out to a movie in the park or a picnic. These events don’t last all day, which means that you don’t need an entire backpack full of supplies. Also, they are all outside. Therefore, if you want to bring the ice pack to make sure your insulin pens don’t overheat then you can do that.


Priced at: $21.98

ChillMED Micro Cooler

Next up is the ChillMED Micro Cooler. This bag is 8” x 2” x 4” making it just a smidge bigger than the To-Go. However, these two bags are much different. Instead of coming with an ice pack, this bag comes with an ice brick. The brick allows for up to 12 hours of cold time. Even better, the brick has holding areas for two vials of insulin. Therefore, if you hadn’t opened those vials yet and needed to transport them, you would be in the clear.


The Micro Cooler has one mesh pocket that allows you to hold smaller supplies. The main goal of this bag is to keep your insulin vials (or other medication that needs to be chilled) from overheating.


Where would you use the Micro Cooler? If you are moving. You spent all day packing up last minute items before driving eight hours to your new home. You have two insulin vials left in your fridge and you’re not about to lose that liquid gold. Put them in the Micro Cooler and safely transport them to your new destination. Likewise, if you’re participating in a Caravan to Canada (or Mexico) to obtain insulin at a cheaper price, then you can use this bag to help transport the insulin back on the long drive.


Priced at: $19.98

ChillMED Carry-All

The next bag has a special edition: a waist strap! This bag is 8.6” x 4.5” x 2.5” which makes it the ideal size to wear on your waist. If you’re more of a fanny pack person, then this is the bag for you. It does NOT come with an ice pack as this bag is meant more for day trip adventures and the less weight you have to carry the better.


This bag is classified as a diabetes travel case. However, people without diabetes can use it too. As I said above, there is no icepack in this bag. Therefore, if you just want a more organized fanny pack to bring with you on your hikes, bikes, grocery store runs and more, then here it is!


carry all bag used for hiking


The bag has a zippered mesh pocket on the back and a fully enclosed pocket as the main part of the bag. Two pockets to separate supplies and stay organized while adventuring in your daily life.


Priced at: $19.98

ChillMED Type 1

The next three bags are our bags with a little more room and storage. The Type 1 is 7.3” x 5.3” x 3” which gives it room to have two separate sides. Both sides open separately, and one is meant to be chilled, while the other is not. The bag comes with a 6-ounce Cold Pax which provides 6-8 hours of cold time.


Welcome to the organization lifestyle! This bag comes with four elastic holders for vials, three pen holders, an extra holder in the middle for whatever you decide you need, a lancet holder, a test strip holder, and pockets for syringes, glucometer, ice pack, and two more to store whatever you need. The back also has a mesh pocket that allows you to store extra goodies.


Now, with all of this storage and organization where are you going to need this bag? In my non-diabetic opinion, I think this bag would be ideal for a college student or someone that is constantly on the go for long periods of time. If you’re in college and don’t have a whole lot of time to go home between classes but need to do a pod change or just enjoy keeping lots of supplies on you for emergencies, then this bag screams your name. This bag would easily fit inside any school backpack making your stressful college life a little easier.


Priced at: $29.98

ChillMED Elite

One size up from the ChillMED Type 1 is the ChillMED Elite. Coming in at 9.5” x 6” x 3.5” this bag has more storage room and a bigger ice pack than the Type 1. This bag comes with a 16-ounce Refreezer Brick, which gives off up to 16 hours of cold time for the items inside the bag. Additionally, this bag has a crossbody strap. The strap can be removed if you prefer to not use it, otherwise, it can be worn as a satchel.


Another surprise in the Elite bag is the waste pouch for used test strips and other trash you may acquire throughout the day. However, it is still recommended that you put your sharps in a sharps bin. This pouch is not strong enough to hold sharps.


The Elite is quite similar to the Type 1; however, it offers more storage for vials and has smaller, zippered pockets on the inside. These pockets allow you to keep your supplies secure and organized while at work. The strap allows you to wear this bag in a professional setting. If you’re headed to a big conference for the weekend, bring all your supplies with you each day. The ice pack will keep your medications chilled all day and if an emergency happens you can calmly handle it (as calmly as one handles an emergency that is).


Priced at: $39.98

ChillMED Premier

Last, but definitely not least, is the ChillMED Premier. Our biggest bag comes in at 11” x 9” x 3”. Inside the bag is a 24-ounce Refreezer Brick to give the bag up to 24 hours of cold time. Similar to the Elite, this bag comes with a crossbody strap as well, allowing you to carry it like a messenger bag.


premier bag using the crossbody strap


You’re probably thinking, oh my goodness lady, I think you’ve covered every situation possible where I could need a ChillMED bag! But I’m not done yet. The Premier can hold seven vials of insulin, seven pens, a lancet, test strips, glucometer, a medical ID card, and has several pockets of varying sizes to store other supplies.


The best scenario that I can think of for using this bag is TRAVEL. Whether you’re traveling internationally, domestically, or just out for a road trip, this bag has got your back. With the ability to keep medications cool for a full day, international travel is no problem. As long as the ice pack is frozen enough to keep the medication cool (to serve its purpose) then there is no problem at US airports for TSA. Likewise, if you’re traveling with medical supplies you are granted an additional bag to carry on the plane for your medical supplies. The shoulder strap comes in handy for this.


A separate blog will be coming on all things TSA, travel bags, medical ID verification and more in the upcoming weeks! Keep your eyes peeled.


Priced at: $29.98

Time To Decide

After reading about all the storage, size differences, strap vs no strap, and events that these bags can be used for, I hope you found one that might fit your needs. As for color, each bag comes in red, blue, or slate gray. Take your pick!


Do you think that none of these work for you? If so, please comment or reach out via social media to tell me why. I want suggestions to make the products for you. You are the reason behind these bags.

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