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Nose Pad 101: What Nose Pad Are You?

Nose Pads on Glasses

Have you ever bought a new pair of glasses or sunglasses and you absolutely love them EXCEPT… they fit a little weird? But you don’t want to return them because they are exactly your style? So, you just suffer through a little bit of discomfort? Yep. I’ve been there. More times than I’d like to admit. However, we no longer have to do that. Nose Pads come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors to help you keep your styled glasses and be comfortable.


So, you’re probably thinking, Nose Pads?! Who in the world buys nose pads?! Trust me, that was my thought a few months ago. Then, I learned that they are helpful for SO many people and different kinds of glasses. The most important thing with nose pads is learning the difference. GMS Optical has five main kinds: adhesive, screw-in, push-in, slide-in, and clip-on nose pads.


Our first nose pad is our adhesive nose pad line. Most of these nose pads are made with 3M adhesive, which allows them to stick in place for longer. You will be using adhesive nose pads if you have plastic-framed glasses. The silicone material allows your frames to become more comfortable and stop them from slipping down your face.



adhesive nose pads on pink children's glasses


If you look at your glasses and see a screw in your nose pad, then you guessed it, you have screw-in nose pads. When you purchase new screw-in nose pads, they do not come with new screws. Therefore, make sure you keep your original screw to replace your old one. The benefit of buying these new nose pads is to prolong the life of your glasses themselves. Don’t spend money on a new pair of frames just because your nose pads aren’t comfortable anymore.



screw in nose pads


A push-in nose pad is characterized by a rectangle shape on the back of the nose pad. It is like the screw-in flange. However, the push-in nose pad does not have a hole in the flange, it is solid. In order to put a push-in nose pad on you simply push the nose pad onto the rectangle flange. Once it is secure, you’re good to go. Your glasses will stay in place and feel as comfortable as ever.



Push In


Onto the next pair (I know, it just keeps getting better and better). Slide-in nose pads are characterized by the round protrusion on their backside. The protrusion has a little lip on the outer edge. This lip allows the nose pad to slide onto the glasses easily and stay securely in place. We have some with airbag soft cushions, which allows for extreme comfort.



slide in nose pad


Clip-On nose pads are often known as Ray Bay nose pads. There are two-pronged metal clasps located on the backside of the nose pad. These prongs clip onto the post that is permanently fastened to each nasal side of the frame.



clip on pair showing them on sunglasses

Look Carefully at your Nose Pads

As the glasses fashion evolves and changes, be sure to always be your most comfortable self. Look carefully at the nose pads on your glasses to see which ones they are. Swapping them out for more comfortable is simple and easy. No one will even notice!

Figuring out which nose pad you need can be a little bit tricky. If you aren’t sure, then send a picture of your glasses frame and current nose pads. Send it to any social media channel for the fastest response. Get ready to step into the world of comfort.



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