Approximately 75% of humans in America use some sort of vision correction. Whether that be glasses, contacts, or a form of Lasik eye surgery. The vast majority wear glasses because they are so versatile. Glasses are used for reading, computers, everyday use, and even fashion statements (insert the classic picture of a hipster wearing clear framed glasses and a fedora). They also provide some comfort for your eyes. If you’re wearing contacts all day, you might want to take them off and replace them for your glasses.

Active Lifestyle

Whether you’re wearing glasses for fashion or because you truly cannot see how many fingers I’m holding up, it’s important that they are comfortable. As humans we live active lives—going to work or school, hanging out with friends and family, shopping, playing sports, traveling, volunteering, etc. When you’re busy the last thing you want to think of is “are my glasses going to fall off?!”


Especially because some frames are expensive! Let me give you a little anecdote here…. the first pair of glasses I ever had I got about 5 years ago. I’ve kept the same ones, just updated the lenses and prescription over time because the frames were about $300 (this was before the lovely websites like Zenni Optical). Just two weeks ago, my lovely 4-month-old puppy got ahold of my glasses and thought they were a chew toy…. To say the least, it’s now time for some new frames. A little note to everyone, keep your glasses on your face or out of reach from chewing monsters!

Tips to Keep Your Glasses On

There are many tips and tricks that you can DIY at your home, there also little items that you can purchase. The most simple and affordable way to fix your slipping issue is to use pony tails. You simply take two hair ties, wrap one around the end of each temple and it’ll add some pressure to your glasses. Likewise, it adds some height so that your frames fit around your eyes the way they should. Watch this video to learn about it.


A second option is to purchase temple tips. This option is still affordable, as they come with two pairs. The little temple tips slide on to the end of the ear piece and they’ll hold your glasses in place (even if you’re a crazy pup, the temple tips will still hold still–not guaranteed but definitely more likely. Go watch our InstaStory today to see how well they stay on this puppy’s face!).

dog wearing glasses with the temple tips



If you don’t want to purchase anything for your glasses because you’ve already spent enough money on them to begin with, bend the temples to fit your face. Use a hair dryer for plastic glasses to heat up the temples, then begin to mold and bend the temples to create more of a hook. The bend will allow the frames to fit your ear more and be secure. If you have metal glasses, just use a pliers. This allows you to mold and fit your frames exactly how you want them!

Run Wild

Once you adjust your temples however you want, you’ll be able to run wild without the worry of losing your glasses or having to adjust them every two seconds. You can run around and play tennis, ride bike, go kayaking, do flips, essentially you can do whatever you want to because your glasses will stay in place!


If you have any questions about securing your wonderful frames (or you just want more pictures of Stanley) don’t be afraid to reach out in the comments, via social media, or email! I am always here and eager to chit chat.


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