GMS Tritan 7 Day Stackable Pill Case | Extra Small, Clear


» Now stronger than ever! This case is made out of tritan plastic to keep your medications safe and secure.
» The seven compartments can easily be unscrewed, allowing you to take just one day with you at a time.
» Stay organized and keep your medication schedule on track! This pill case comes with two lids and seven adhesive labels, one for each day of the week.
» This extra small stackable pill case is perfect for travel. Easily pack it away in your purse, bag, or suitcase.
» Dimensions – Height: 5″ by Width: 1.5″

SKU: GMS30132-CL

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This GMS Clear Stackable Pill Case is ideal for organizing your medications, pills, and supplements and taking them on-the-go! Made out of tritan plastic, the case is now stronger than ever! This pill case can easily withstand the wear and tear of travel to keep your pills safe. The compact size allows the stackable case to easily fit in a bag, purse, or backpack. Each compartment can be unscrewed so you can take just one with you at a time. The seven clear compartments make organizing a weeks worth of medication simple.

You will also receive seven adhesive labels with each day of the week printed on them (Sunday – Monday) so you will know which compartment belongs to which day! You will also receive two lids so that you can take just one compartment with you while leaving the other compartments safe and sealed at home. Managing your medication doesn’t have to be difficult. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your pills are organized and safe with the GMS Clear Stackable Pill Case. Dimensions – Height: 5″ by Width: 1.5″


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