If you have any type of social media, you’re now well aware the beloved American football season is back in action. Whether you’re an avid fan, could care less, or hate the sport it can be hard to avoid it during this time of year. Between it showing at the bars, friends talking about it, and hashtags on Twitter it’s everywhere.


If you’re up to date on all things Antonio Brown, then you might be considered a top-of-the-line fan. If you’re not that’s great too (a little secret: I’m not up to date either…. All I know is that he plays in the NFL and has been all over social media lately).

Chips, Dip, and SKOL

If you don’t know by now, I am based in the lovely state of Minnesota that is getting ready to begin its tundra season soon. We are home to the Minnesota Vikings (insert Lizzo song here). Which means, that our border rival is the Green Bay Packers (shocker).


This Sunday, September 15th, the rivalry starts. Kick-off is at 12pm at Lambo Field in Wisconsin. If you want in on the game day fun, head down to Brit’s Pub in downtown Minneapolis to watch the game be projected on the side of a building. Of course, enjoy all things football: chips, dip, alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, cheering, and screaming. There will be lawn bowling after the game. I will be there in the sea of purple and green… spot me if you can!

Can I Stay Healthy During Football Season?

If you’re anything like me, you’re a social eater. When there is food in front of you at a party or event, then it’s in your stomach at some point. If I see a bowl of chips and dip, I’ll just keep munching the entire time I’m there. Which is definitely not good for my mainly healthy diet. But, hey, life is short … enjoy all things in moderation.


However, some people might need to monitor their food consumption more closely due to illness, the time they take medications, a strict diet, personal preference, etc. Again, my motto is all things in moderation because I just can’t say no to cupcakes. You know your body best. If you have to avoid the side of the room that has the chip and dip table then so be it. I’ve been there before, so there’s no shame in staying away. Out of sight, out of mind, right?


The answer is yes. You can stay healthy during football season and here are some tips.

Football Season Health Hacks

If you’re more worried about your physical health, make a game out of it. For every touchdown you have to do 7 push-ups (if they make the kick, otherwise it’s just six). Every time the quarterback gets sacked, that’s 20 squats. For every false start, 25 crunches. You can make the game as involved or easy as you’d like to. The point is to keep you moving in a fun way.


If you’re not thinking about this one, then you should be. Your medication routine. You’re probably sick of me talking about this by now, but we all know how important consistency is with medications. Do you need me to repeat the consequences of nonadherence for you?!


The game times of football change (depending on who is playing and what else is going on that day). Of course, you can look at the schedule ahead of time and know the times for the entire season. With the varying times of these games, it might cut into your medication routine. You can spend your entire Sunday watching intense football games if you’d like. I know there are weekends when that’s all my dad does. Therefore, it’s still important for your medication routine to stay steady even when your Sunday’s now look a little different than the rest of the year. It would be unhealthy to change your routine just for the football season. Things become easier to remember with repetition.


Therefore, find ways to stick to it. Set an alarm on your phone to remind yourself to get up to head to the bathroom to grab your pills. However, this is tricky if you’re not at home watching the game and you could miss an insane pick-6!

Pocket Fashion

Say you’re out at the nearby bar watching the game with some buddies, or better yet, you’re sitting front row to the game (if so, please don’t tell me because I will be very jealous). Regardless of where you’re sitting, you’re not going to be pleased if you miss the big play of the game because you walked away to grab your pills.

pill organizer while watching football


Keep a pill organizer in your pocket. If you’re just gone for the day and only need a days’ worth of pills, then bring a travel sized organizer. It is less bulky than bringing the entire bottle, won’t attract attention to yourself if you’re concerned with that, and you will be able to enjoy the game in its entirety.


The best part of these travel organizers is that you can find nearly any color you’d like. Therefore, you can purchase one that can match your favorite sports team color. And if you’re feeling really fancy, you could even buy a sticker and put their team mascot on the organizer too. Make it fun and functional!


Regardless of who you cheer for, let me know how you celebrate for football season. If it’s baking fun football appetizers, going grocery shopping during the game to avoid busy aisles, posting up at the nearby bar eating popcorn, or napping through half of it in the comfort of your home (that one is my personal favorite). You know where to find me.



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