If you tuned in to our Facebook Live video yesterday, then you’ll already know a little about this blog. You can just tell your friends that you’re psychic and knew what GMS was going to talk about. This blog is about all things dinner, food truck festivals, brunch, and any place that involves food. If you’re anything like me, you plan your day around the meals you’re going to eat because let’s face it, we’re #foodies.

Lunch At The Eiffel Tower (In Vegas)

Recently, I took a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate my birthday because where else would you go?! To say the least, it was blast (other than losing money at the casino, but what do you expect?) One of my favorite things was getting lunch at the “Eiffel Tower.” Obviously, it’s not the real one. But, it’ll do. The view overlooked the infamous Bellagio water show. Does the one in Paris do that? I didn’t think so. All jokes aside, the best part was the food. Amazing baguette slices, a vegetarian sandwich with crispy kale on the side. Healthy and delicious.



At the table, we were talking about how taking medication in public can have such a stigma around it and how it must be difficult for those that need to take medications with meals but are shy. Having something to put your couple pills in while eating out in public can diminish a lot of stress and shame about having a chronic illness (or any condition that requires medication). Sure, you can put your pills in a safe spot in your wallet or purse. Maybe even a Ziploc baggie. Those two items both increase the odds of losing your pills or having them accidentally get thrown away. Using a travel pill container or pouch is the way to go. It’s specifically meant to carry pills and it’s less likely to accidentally get thrown out (unless the cleaner is just on a frenzy that day).

Eating With Friends

Another time that pill containers and pouches come in handy is when you’re cooking with friends. I know that I don’t like bringing my entire prescription bottle over to friend’s houses simply because they are bulky and I’m forgetful. I trust my friends to not read into the prescription if I haven’t told them what the mediation is for but keeping my pills in more of a discreet location makes me feel organized and stress-free.


If you and your friends aren’t into homemade cooking and food truck festivals are more your thing, that’s cool too. Side note: I just went to one over the weekend and let me tell you…AMAZING! Puppies running around, beer, and awesome food. What’s not to love?!


Having a pill pouch can make your life easier just because you won’t have to carry your entire bottle. Pill pouches can fit into your pocket, purse, and wallet (depending on how full your wallet already is). The easy storage aspect is great, especially for pills that need to be taken at the same time every day. Now, you don’t really have the excuse of “oh, I wasn’t home” because you can easily bring them with you. And while you’re at the food truck festival you’ll have more room in your hands for delicious food, drinks, and puppy pets!


When I was first put on anti-depressant medication, I didn’t tell my friends for a couple weeks. You’re probably thinking, “that’s weird, why wouldn’t she tell her friends?” and it wasn’t that I didn’t trust them. It was that I didn’t want the pity looks and them treating me like a sad puppy.  As unfortunate as it is, there’s still a stigma out there and if keeping your medication in a pill pouch makes you feel better, then so be it. As long as you’re sticking to your medication regimen then do whatever you want!

Homemade Granola Bars

Now, if you are into making food with your friends let me give you my most recent food craze. These homemade granola bars will not let you just stop at one. You’ll be munching on them all day (which can be a bad thing, but as they say…. Treat yo self).


granola bar recipe for friends


Pro Tip: cut the brown sugar out. Just skip it entirely because they are already sweet enough without it and then you won’t feel as bad when you eat 12 in two days.


Pro Tip 2: divide the batch into four sections and add different toppings. Some of my favorites are classic chocolate chips, pretzels, dried berries, protein powder, coconut shavings, and cinnamon.


These granola bars are an alternative for the energy balls. Personally, I’m just too lazy to take the time to roll them into bite size pieces. Essentially, they are the same thing just in different form.

Let’s Chat

As always, you know where to find me. Lurking away on social media. Kidding…. But seriously if you need me reach out in the comments, social media, or email. I love chatting with people about anything and everything. If you make the granola bars tell me if you love them or hate them. I promise I won’t be offended. Also, tell me if you’ve been to a food truck lately and if so, what did you get?! (I want to live vicariously through your yummy food choices).

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