Sof-Temps Clear Silicone Temple Tips (PO106)(00972)


Temple Tips help prevent glasses from slipping when sweating or working out Great for the boat gym pool beach and other activities where losing glasses is a concern. Durable and safe and they fit most glasses.

  • Temple Tips slide onto the arms of your glasses or sunglasses and hook around your ears to keep them in place.
  • They are made of a soft silicone material that will fit most frames and offers a comfortable fit.
  • Perfect for days on the boat, hitting the gym, hiking, and other active lifestyles!
  • Temple Tips can easily be put on and taken off of glasses. The silicone is easy to clean, allowing you to use them again and again.
  • Includes one pair of black temple tips.

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Temple Tips Eyewear Comfort (2 Pair) GMS Optical

GMS Optical Temple Tips Eyewear Comfort , an essential accessory for glasses wearers. In this pack, you’ll receive two pairs of Temple Tips designed to offer maximum comfort and stability.

Why Temple Tips Matter

If your glasses frequently slip or cause discomfort, you’re certainly not alone. Ill-fitting glasses can turn everyday tasks into frustrating challenges. This is precisely where GMS Optical?Temple Tips Eyewear Comfort?come into play.

The GMS Optical Temple Tips Difference

Our Temple Tips are meticulously designed to prioritize both comfort and durability. Let’s delve into why these tips are indispensable for glasses wearers.

1. Unparalleled Comfort

Firstly, Temple Tips provide a soft, cushioned layer for your eyeglass arms. Secondly This added padding alleviates pressure behind your ears, making extended wear a much more pleasant experience.

2. A Secure Fit

Moreover, Temple Tips excel at keeping your glasses firmly in place, whether you’re engaged in an active lifestyle or simply going about your daily routine.

3. User-Friendly Design

So Furthermore, these tips easily slide over your glasses’ arms and adjust effortlessly to your preferences, ensuring a customized fit that suits your unique needs.

4. A Cost-Effective Solution

Rather than contemplating the replacement of your glasses due to slipping or discomfort, Temple Tips offer an economical solution to enhance the comfort and stability of your existing eyewear.

5. Remarkable Versatility

In addition, these Temple Tips are compatible with various frame styles, including sunglasses, reading glasses, and prescription eyewear. This versatility means you can enjoy their benefits across your entire eyeglass collection.

6. Reusable and Hygienic

Crafted from soft silicone, Firstly, Temple Tips are not only reusable but also easy to clean by hand. This ensures that you can maintain hygiene and extend the lifespan of your Temple Tips.

7. Effortless Transfer

So Lastly, if you? switch between multiple pairs of glasses, however you’ll appreciate how easily these Temple Tips can be removed from one pair and transferred to another when needed.

In conclusion, GMS Optical Temple Tips Eyewear Comfort is an indispensable and cost effective solution for anyone looking to enhance the comfort, stability, and longevity of their eyewear. These accessories provide ultimate comfort and stability, Secondly making your glasses feel like they were tailor made just for you. Say goodbye to slipping glasses or discomfort hindering your daily activities; try GMS Optical Temple Tips today and experience the difference for yourself. Enjoy the freedom of secure and comfortable eyeglasses with GMS Optical Temple Tips.

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