Techni Ice STD 2 Ply Ice Sheet


Techni Ice 2-PLY STANDARD Disposible Dry Ice Sheets

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Techni Ice Standard Duty Dry Ice packs

Advanced Cold Chain Solution Techni ice

Techni Ice 2-PLY STANDARD has been the trusted brand for organizations like the Department of Defense, CFA, SES, and numerous global companies and government agencies that demand top-tier cold chain performance.

Revolutionizing Cold Chain Technology

Techni Ice introduces a groundbreaking approach to cold chain management, surpassing traditional gel packs and ice. This 2-ply marvel comprises two layers encapsulating a specially formulated refrigerant with a secret formula. On heavy-duty plastic layer with micro-perforation technology are fused to the textile layer, creating a revolutionary product.

Re-Imagining Cold Preservation

Techni Ice redefines cold preservation by utilizing a cross-linked polyacrylate polymer that can reach temperatures as low as -190?C, more than twice as cold as dry ice. These dry ice packs are often frozen in blast freezers to -80?C for dry ice applications.

How to Activate Techni Ice

Techni Ice 2-PLY STANDARD starts as flat sheets and becomes active through a hydration process. By scrunching the sheets in warm water until air bubbles escape, the polymer swells the sheet into 24 sealed cells, making the product flexible when frozen and easy to cut to size.

Versatile Applications

Techni Ice can be? hot, cold, or frozen. It excels in keeping food and drinks cold for extended periods in coolers while reducing battery consumption in 12-volt fridge freezers. Its eutectic qualities minimize thermostat activity.

Quality Assurance

ISO-9002 factory certification guarantees Techni Ice meets international standards.

These food safe products come from Australia, with cutting edge technology and machinery.

Maximizing Performance

For optimal performance, always use a minimum of one sheet per 7 to 8 liters of cooler space. Place sheets on top of your items, as cold air falls. Ensure your items are already cold when placed in the cooler for longer lasting cold preservation. Techni Ice sheets can also be cut to size between the cells. For long trips, freeze them at maximum freeze temperatures before use.

Smart Storage and Travel for Techni ice

Techni Ice sheets are virtually maintenance free and can be in a plastic bag on a shelf or freezer. Remember to leave room for expansion when freezing. For long trips, use two coolers to maximize Techni Ice’s performance.

Hot Applications

Techni Ice can also be hot for specific needs. However, heat it in increments of one minute, ensuring it’s not too hot for use, and always use a towel between the product and your body.

In conclusion, Techni Ice redefines cold chain management with its innovative technology, guarantee? your cold and hot preservation needs are met with excellence. Whether you’re planning an outdoor adventure, a long road trip, or need reliable cold storage, trust Techni Ice to deliver unparalleled performance.

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