GMSO Tear Drop Push-In Nose Pads (15mm – 1 Pair)


Make Your Eyes Smile!

  • These quality engineered nose pads are teardrop-shaped and made from premium grade silicone.
  • Great for replacing worn, lost, or broken nose pads. They are also a great upgrade to generic cushions.
  • Simply remove your old nose pads from your prescription glasses, readers, cheaters, or sunglasses, then push in your new GMS nose pad.
  • These nose pads make glasses feel great, sit better, and eliminate any pain or discomfort
  • Push-in style mount type, therefore, does not include screws
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TearDrop Push-In Nosepads 15mm

“TearDrop Push-In Nosepads 15mm may seem small, but they are valuable for eyeglass wearers. These nose pads make your glasses more comfortable and stable.

The “D” shape of these nose pads is designed to fit your nose comfortably. This design ensures your glasses stay in place during your daily activities.

One advantage of? is how easy they are to use. You can push them into your glasses without needing adhesive.

Comfort is essential for eyeglasses, and these nose pads excel at providing it. They are typically made from soft materials that won’t irritate your skin.

Another great thing is their versatility. Tear Drop Push-In Nosepads work with various glasses, including sunglasses, reading glasses, and prescription eyewear.

In conclusion, our Nose Pads are a simple solution for eyeglass wearers. Their design, easy use, and compatibility make them a valuable addition to any pair of glasses. Say goodbye to constantly adjusting your glasses with? Nose Pads.”

Why Choose GMS Optical

COMFORTABLE: These nose pads make any frame more comfortable to wear. Specifically, GMS Optical Tear Drop Push-In Nosepads are ideal for making cheap sunglasses, readers, or blue light-blocking glasses more enjoyable for extended wear.

PREVENTS SLIPPING: Our Nose pads effectively eliminate glasses from slipping on the face. This is particularly important during daily activities such as lawn care, boating, working, or any other physical activity.

LONG LASTING: Consequently, GMS Optical Tear Drop Push-In Nose pads measuring 15mm Clear maximize the nose pad’s longevity and comfort.

DURABLE AND RELIABLE: They are meticulously crafted with premium-grade soft silicone, resulting in a strong, durable, and long-lasting product built to last.I you have any questions contact us

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