5 Quart Sharps Disposal Container


Our 5 qt. sharps container is designed to provide cost-effective sharps disposal together with the safety features you require. Ideal for areas where space and staff supervision is limited.
  • Rotating cylinder top allows hands-free disposal
  • Built-in handles for easy transport
  • Dimensions: 10″ H x 11″ L x 5.25″ W
  • Uses bracket/key #435 and #440 or cabinet #1051 for wall mounting

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Sharps Needle Disposal Container


Safeguarding Health with Sharps Needle Disposal Containers

In the field of healthcare, proper disposal of sharps needles and bio hazardous materials is of paramount importance to ensure the safety of patients and healthcare professionals alike. The Sharps Needle Disposal Container by Bemis Bio-hazard Red, available in a practical 5-quart size. Stands as a stalwart guardian of health, offering a secure and reliable solution for phlebotomy and medical waste management.

The Significance of Sharps Needle Disposal Container

Healthcare facilities generate a significant volume of used needles and bio hazardous materials daily. Disposing of these items basically in a safe and responsible manner is essential to prevent the spread of infections and protect the environment. The Needle Disposal Container plays a vital role in this process by providing a designated and secure receptacle for sharps and bio-hazardous waste.

Engineering for Safety

The Sharps Disposal Container is engineered with safety at its core. Constructed from robust materials, it features a bright red color, clearly signaling its purpose and ensuring easy identification. Its sturdy design guards against punctures and leaks, keeping hazardous materials securely contained. Additionally, the container is equipped with a secure locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized access, further enhancing safety.

Versatility and Compliance

The 5-quart size of this disposal container makes it suitable for various healthcare settings, including clinics, hospitals, laboratories, and phlebotomy centers. Its design complies with industry regulations and guidelines, ensuring that it meets the highest standards for bio hazardous waste disposal. By using the Sharps Container, healthcare facilities can maintain a safe and compliant environment.

Conclusion: A Commitment to Safety

  • In conclusion, the Sharps Needle Disposal Container by Bemis Bio-hazard Red (5 Quart) is vital in healthcare waste management.
  • Moreover, It showcases a commitment to safety and provides a secure, compliant, and versatile solution for sharps disposal.
  • Choosing this container is a proactive step for healthcare professionals.
  • lastly it minimizes risks associated with medical waste and prioritizes the safety of all stakeholders.