Rustig Construction Noise Reducing Soft Foam Earplugs (100 Pairs)


Rustig Construction Plugs are a no-nonsense earplug ready to get to work.

  • Includes 100 Pair of foam ear plugs and a plastic carrying case.
  • The bright orange color makes them easy to see and safe for a job site.
  • SKU: GMS50080

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Foam Ear Plugs

When you have a job that requires your earplugs to work as hard as you do, you can trust Rustig Construction Plugs to get the job done. Rustig Ear Plugs doesn’t compromise on comfort and provides a no-nonsense snug fit for the ones that do it their own way and just want work in peace and quiet. Foam ear plugs protect your hearing when you need it most. Whether on a job site, working on home projects, and more, you can count on Rustig. Your hearing is important, make sure it’s protected!

High visibility for high-quality work. Rustig bright orange ensures that you’ll always be able to find your earplugs on the site, because any job worth doing is worth doing safely. With 100 pairs at your disposal, you can trust that Rustig Construction Plugs will be there for every early morning and long night. And the clear travel case makes it easy to bring your ear plugs anywhere you go. Carry a pair in your pocket so you are prepared when you need them most. 

When used correctly, these ear plugs offer up to 29dB of hearing protection.

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