GMS Vitanizer | 6 Compartment Pill Organizer


GMS Vitanizer a simple solution to all your pill dispensing problems

  • Easy open and close lid
  • Spacious compartments hold between 20 and 30 vitamins
  • Self adhesive labels so you can mark each compartment

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The Vitanizer is a 6 compartment pill and vitamin organizer / dispenser manufactured with the intent to eliminate the issue that plagues most other vitamin dispensers which have lids that just will not seem to spin or come off as easily as you would like. The solution to this common problem is The GMS Vitanizer.

Upon opening your brand new vitamin dispenser, turn the lid all the way around a good 5 to 7 times, and even back and forth some to break it in if needed. After that, the lid will always turn nice and easy allowing you to dispense vitamins from the 6 spacious compartments with ease. Spin the lid, align the opening to the proper compartment, flip open and dispense. Lid snaps securely shut after each use and the amber color filters UV rays, protecting your vitamin’s potency. The Vitanizer also comes with self-adhesive labels allowing you to mark each compartment to your liking. Lid snaps off for easy filling and each compartment holds 20 to 30 large pills or vitamins.

Additional information

Weight 6.1 oz
Dimensions 3.75 × 3.75 × 4 in

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