GMS Prefilled Syringe Case (Clear)


The GMS Prefilled Syringe Case makes transportation of prefilled syringes as simple as carrying an ink pen.

    • The GMS syringe case protects your medication while on the go. This case is perfect for carrying syringes with up to 60 ml of fluid in them.
    • We designed this case to fit in any pocket, purse, or travel bag. There should be no issues bringing this case and your medication anywhere you want to go.
    • The GMS syringe case is durable and can handle moving around in bags while traveling. We include 2 rubber bands with each case to ensure that the case does not come open and your medication will stay safe.
    • Each order includes two GMS Prefilled Syringe Cases. We have these case in Black, White, and Clear (Transparent)
    • This case is perfect for diabetics who need to bring there insulin with them, but this case will also work for any medication from a syringe that you need with you while away from the house.
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