GMS Pill Taker Cup


Medication taking made easy.

  • Swallow medications by simply drinking a glass of water like you would normally do. Instead of fighting to swallow your pills, let the water do the work.
  • A small shelf in the cup allows you to place your medication inside of the cup. The lanes in the shelf allow the water inside the cup to easily carry your medication while you drink the glass of water.?
  • This cup is great for children who are resistant to taking their medication, but the cup also works well for adults and senors who simply dont enjoy swallowing medication. Whether you dislike swallowing pills or hold a disdain for the taste of your medication, this cup will make a world of difference.?
  • The Pill Taker?s Cup is made from strong BPA free, food grade plastic and is dishwasher safe. This cup is also approved by the State of California under Prop 65.?
  • The GMS Pill Taker’s Cup is 3.5 inches tall and 2.25 inches in diameter.
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?GMS Pill Taker’s Cup Make Pill Swallowing Easy


Make Pill Swallowing Effortless

Pill swallowing can be a daunting task, especially when faced with large pills or medications that have an unpleasant taste. The GMS Pill Taker’s Cup is designed to make this process considerably easier and more manageable. If you struggle with pill swallowing, this innovative cup can be your solution.

Simple Usage:

The concept behind the GMS Pill Taker’s Cup is straight forward. Instead of struggling to swallow your medication with water immediately afterward, you place your medication on the built in shelf inside the cup. Then, simply drink water from the cup as you typically would. The ingenious design of the cup ensures that the water does the work for you. It guides your medication down your throat, removing the need for the often difficult task of swallowing pills without assistance.

Safety and Convenience:

Above all Our commitment to safety is paramount, and the GMS Pill Taker’s Cup reflects this dedication. Crafted from BPA-free, food-grade plastic, it meets California’s Prop 65 standards. So this ensures that you can use it with confidence, knowing that it protects your health. Moreover, the cup is designed with convenience in mind. additionally its compact dimensions, measuring 3.5 inches in height and 2.25 inches in diameter, make it suitable for hands of all ages. overall it’s a perfectly sized vessel for a refreshing drink of water.

Your Pill Swallowing Companion:

The GMS Pill Taker’s Cup is here to assist you in making pill swallowing a less daunting experience. Its innovative approach to medication intake eliminates the need for trying to swallow pills dry or dealing with bad tasting medications. So with this cup, you can comfortably and confidently take your pills, ensuring you get the treatment you need without the stress of difficult pill swallowing.



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