Slide-In Silicone Nose Pads White Rectangle 11mm GMS Optical


  • These nose pads are Rectangle-shape and made from high quality Silicone.
  • These nose pads are push-in type and 11mm in size
  • Great for replacing worn, lost, or broken nose pads
  • Simply remove your old nose pads from your prescription
  • SKU: GMS21911W
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    Slide-In Silicone Nose Pads White Rectangle 11mm GMS Optical


Introducing Slide-In Silicone Nose Pads in White Rectangle, measuring  11mm by GMS Optical. The ultimate comfort upgrade for your eyeglasses!

Do you often find yourself frequently adjusting your glasses due to slipping or experiencing irritation? Your solution is right here: Slide-In Silicone Nose Pads. These cutting edge nose pads are thoughtfully designed to revolutionize your eyewear experience, offering  comfort and unparalleled stability to ensure your glasses remain securely in place throughout your day.

One noteworthy feature of these Silicone Nose Pads lies in their user friendly design. Attaching them to your frames is a breeze, bidding farewell to the frustration of constant adjustments. What truly sets them apart is the premium silicone material employed in their construction. It boasts exceptional softness and comfort, effectively eliminating the discomfort and redness often associated with wearing glasses.


The advantages of Slide-In Silicone Nose Pads extend far beyond mere convenience. Their  design ensures a snug fit that not only prevents slipping but also evenly puts pressure across your nose, significantly reducing discomfort and soreness. This thoughtful design promotes a more enjoyable and pain free experience, even during extended wear.

Furthermore, these nose pads exhibit remarkable versatility, accommodate a wide range of eyeglass frames, making them an  accessory for those in pursuit of superior comfort and stability. Whether you wear prescription glasses, sun glasses, or reading glasses, the Silicone Nose Pads in White Rectangle, measuring 11mm by GMS Optical, can elevate your eyewear experience to unmatched levels.

Bid adieu to the hassle of slipping glasses and irritat skin. Consequently, embrace the  power that these Silicone Nose Pads can bring to your eyewear. Consequently, relish a more comfortable, stress free glasses wearing experience every day. Say farewell to constant   adjustments; instead, greet a new era of comfort and stability with Slide-In Silicone Nose Pads from GMS Optical.

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