GMS Optical Silicone Temple Tips (Black)


  • Temple tips easily slide over the arm of your glasses and hook around the back of your ear to keep your glasses and sunglasses securely in place.
  • The silicone temple tips can be adjusted on your glasses to find the perfect fit for you! You can slide them further up the glasses arms for a tighter fit or move them back for a loose fit.?
  • They are also discreet! They fit snugly behind your ear so they are hardly noticeable.?
  • Keep your glasses and sunglasses in place during your active lifestyle! Work out, go for a hike, garden, ride a bike, and more without worrying about your glasses falling off.?
  • This package contains two pair of clear Temple Tips. Note: glasses with thick arms may be more difficult to fit temple tips on.

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GMS Optical Temple Tips | Black, 2 Pair Per Pack

Introducing GMS Optical Temple Tips in Black, available in packs of two pairs per pack! If you’re tired of constantly adjusting your glasses or worried about them falling off during your daily activities. These Temple Tips are the solution you’ve been searching for.

Our Temple Tips are remarkably simple yet highly effective. Crafted from soft silicone, they effortlessly slide over the arms of your glasses and can be adjusted to the perfect position. They cleverly hook around the back of your ears, providing a secure grip that keeps your glasses firmly in place. Whether you’re engaging in an active lifestyle, hiking, working out, playing in the yard, or enjoying a day on the boat, these Temple Tips ensure your glasses or sunglasses stay exactly where you want them ? on your face. Never fret about losing your glasses again!

Moreover, if your glasses tend to be too big and slide down your nose, there’s no need to invest in a new pair. Our Temple Tips offer a cost-effective solution by keeping your oversized glasses securely in position. The soft silicone material is not only reusable but also hand-washable, ensuring longevity and hygiene.

The versatility of these Temple Tips becomes evident as they allow easy removal and transfer to different pairs of glasses when necessary.. So why struggle with ill-fitting or constantly shifting glasses when you can enjoy comfort, stability, and peace of mind with GMS Optical Temple Tips? Make the most of your eyewear and daily activities with these simple yet ingenious accessories. Say goodbye to slipping glasses and hello to a more secure and enjoyable eyeglass experience!

Don’t let glasses slipping be a hassle. Try GMS Optical Temple Tips in Black, available in packs of two pairs per pack. Enjoy a worry-free eyeglass experience today!

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