Cold-Pax 3 oz Gel Pack


Keep your perishable items fresh while traveling.

  • COLD GEL PACK ?Convenient to use and carry around in any size bag. Product cools desired areas at a cool, desirable temperature.
  • SAFE, LEAK-PROOF AND REUSABLE ?Gel refrigerant that is made with non-toxic ingredients and sealed in a reliable, heavy-duty plastic pouch. Great for refreezing, reusing over and over.
  • LONG-LASTING ? Cooling effect lasts for 3 hours. Ice packs are perfect for use in lunch boxes, coolers, insulin cases, diabetic bags, baby bottle tote bags etc.
  • 3 OZ SIZE (2 PACK) ? Perfect size to fit anywhere in a bag. Use both packs for an added cooling effect, or use one pack and freeze the other for hours of consistent cooling.
  • DIMENSION SIZE: 5 1/2″ x 3 3/4″ 1/2″ ? Ideal for small areas that need cooling, or relieves swelling in specific areas of the body.
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Cold Pax Gel Packs Refreezable 3oz Refrigerant Non-Toxic and Food Safe 2 Pack GMS

Cold-Pax: Your Reliable Gel Refrigerant

Cold-Pax stands out as a carefully crafted, leak proof, long lasting gel refrigerant, made with non toxic components. It serves as the quintessential ice pack, capable of keeping the cooling of food, beverages, and even diabetic insulin for extended periods.

The gel refrigerant is sealed within a robust, reusable plastic pouch, ensuring that it can be employed multiple times while consistently preserving perishable items at their desired temperature.

An Innovative Solution for Temperature Control

Cold-Pax represents a break through in temperature management. Whether you’re packing a picnic, embarking on a road trip, or need to transport temperature sensitive medications like insulin, this gel coolant has you covered.

So With its long lasting properties, it is the choice for those seeking a reliable cooling solution without the need for constant replacing.

Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

Cold-Pax’s reusability makes it an eco friendly option, reducing waste from disposable ice packs. Its leak proof design guarantees a mess? free experience, keeping your personal effects dry and clean.

Cold-Pax: Your Versatile Cooling Companion

Whether you’re camping, at an outdoor event, or simply want to keep your lunch fresh at work, Cold-Pax adapts to your needs. Also its gel coolant effects provide a steady, controlled cooling that out performs traditional ice packs.

The gel coolant is made with non toxic parts, prioritizing safety for all users and applications.

A Sustainable Choice

So picking the Cold Pax Gel Packs as your cooling solution aligns with sustainable practices. Its reusability reduces single use plastic waste, making it an eco conscious decision. Plus, its leak proof design ensures a mess free experience.

The gel coolant enduring nature and robust plastic pouch adds to its reputation as an environmentally responsible choice.

In summary, Cold-Pax stands as an innovative and environmentally friendly cooling solution. Its passive properties, including reusability and non toxic composition, make it an ideal choice for preserving your items at the perfect temperature. Whether you’re heading outdoors or simply want a sustainable cooling option, Cold-Pax delivers reliable performance while reducing environmental impact.

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