GMS 6 Compartment Pill and Vitamin Dispenser Organizer | by VitaVault


Organize All Your Vitamins and Medications!

  • The 6 large compartments hold up to 60 days worth of large vitamins, making it easy to store months of vitamins and medication.
  • Get rid of clutter buy storing up to six different types of medication and vitamins. VitaVault is also designed to be stacked, maximizing your space if you have 2 or more. No more bottles cluttering your counter or medicine cabinet.
  • This product has a variety of uses. Use it to store craft supplies, nuts, bolts, screws, pills, an so much more!
  • The separate compartments and plastic lid help to keep your medication and vitamins sorted.
  • The VitaVault Organizer also comes with 6 labels to maximize organization and storage. Apply the labels to the front to easily identify each compartment.
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Let the VitaVault Daily Vitamin Dispenser help you stay organized! The design allows you to store pills in 6 compartments that can be easily accessed for quick, organized pill taking. VitaVault acts as a filing system and a dispenser that makes the task of taking vitamins much easier. In addition, the container holds up to 60 days worth of pills, medication, and vitamins! Clear front panels make the vitamins and supplements easy to identify without having to lift a finger. To load the dispenser, simply pour the selected vitamins or supplements into the easily accessible compartments. VitaVault can be used in many areas of the house. Use the six compartments to organize your craft supplies, such as beads or gems; or take it to the garage to easily sort screws, nuts, and bolts. And of course, keep it in your medicine cabinet for easy, organized pill storage!



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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4 × 9 × 15 in

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