VitaVault Vitamin Dispenser (Original)


Organize All Your Vitamins and Medications!

  • The 6 large compartments hold up to 60 days worth of large vitamins, making it easy to store months of vitamins and medication.
  • Get rid of clutter buy storing up to six different types of medication and vitamins. VitaVault is also designed to be stacked, maximizing your space if you have 2 or more. No more bottles cluttering your counter or medicine cabinet.
  • This product has a variety of uses. Use it to store craft supplies, nuts, bolts, screws, pills, an so much more!
  • The separate compartments and plastic lid help to keep your medication and vitamins sorted.
  • The VitaVault Organizer also comes with 6 labels to maximize organization and storage. Apply the labels to the front to easily identify each compartment.
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6 Compartment Pill-Vitamin Dispenser Organizer by VitaVault

Streamlined Pill Organization

The VitaVault Daily Vitamin Dispenser is your solution to the pill organization. With its six compartments, this dispenser offers an efficient way to store and access your daily vitamins and medications. No more fumbling with pill bottles or sorting through various supplements. VitaVault acts as both a filing system and a dispenser, making it effortless to manage your daily pill regimen.

Generous Pill Storage Capacity

Therefore, one of the standout features of the VitaVault dispenser is its generous pill storage size. With the ability to hold up to 60 days’ worth of pills, medications, and vitamins, you can load it once and enjoy two months of hassle free pill taking. Say goodbye to the daily chore of sorting and filling your pill containers. VitaVault provides ample space for all your daily supplements.

Easy Identification and Loading

In addition, the VitaVault?dispenser simplifies the process of identifying and loading your pills. So Its clear front panels allow you to see the vitamins and supplements inside, eliminating the need to open multiple bottles to find the right one. To load the dispenser, just pour your selected vitamins or supplements into the accessible compartments.

Versatile Usage

Above All while the VitaVault Daily Vitamin Dispenser is designed for pill organization, its versatility extends beyond the medicine cabinet. You can use the six compartments to organize various items in different areas of your home. Whether it’s craft supplies like beads and gems in your craft room or sorting screws, nuts, and bolts in the garage, VitaVault’s 6 compartments provide organization wherever you need it.

In conclusion, the VitaVault Daily Vitamin Dispenser offers an efficient and organized way to manage your daily vitamins and medications. Its generous pill storage size, easy identification, and loading. Make it a valuable addition to your daily routine. Enjoy the efficiently, of two months’ worth of pill storage in one compact dispenser, and simplify your life with VitaVault.

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