28mm Press In Bottle Adapter (1 Count)



  • SIZE: Bottle adapter insert sizes correspond to the outside neck of bottle and not the inside opening. Please refer to the ounces when sizing for liquid oval medication bottles.
  • ACCURATE: Bottle adapters will work with oral syringes used to administer liquid medications. Push in plugs are perfect for measuring accurate dosages in mL.
  • VARIETY: The large is sized to fit twelve and sixteen ounce liquid oval bottles. Larger and smaller adapters are available for other bottle sizes.
  • SAFETY: Oval bottle cap can be reapplied without removal of plug to maintain child-resistant seal. The adapters are placed directly inside of the bottle to avoid interfering with the bottle and cap.
  • FUNCTIONAL: The bottle adapters work with almost all liquid medication and pharmacy bottles. Simplify your daily medication routine with these easy to use bottle adapters.
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GMS 28mm Press In Bottle Adaptor

Simplify Your Medication Routine with the Press In Bottle Adapter

Managing liquid medication can often be a messy and imprecise process. So that’s where the GMS 28mm Press-In-Bottle Adaptor comes to the rescue. These adapters are designed to enhance the accuracy and ease of taking liquid medications. By providing stability to your syringe, they enable you to draw the correct dosage of medication with precision.

Effortless Medication Measurement

Using the GMS Press In Bottle Adapter is a straightforward process. Simply press the adapter into the bottle’s opening, and you’ll immediately experience the convenience of measuring your liquid medication accurately. certainly No more spills or guesswork ? just a reliable way to ensure you’re getting the right dose.

Compatibility and Longevity

Worried about the bottle cap and freshness of your medications? Don’t be. The 28mm Press-In-Bottle Adaptor seamlessly integrates with your medication bottle, allowing the cap to close securely. Leave the adapter in place, knowing that your medications will stay fresh and potent. Crafted from durable and BPA-free plastic, these adapters are not only effective but also reusable. Hand washing them with warm water is all it takes to keep them clean and ready for your next dose.

Versatile and Practical

Because one size doesn’t fit all, and that’s why the GMS Press In Bottle Adapter comes in various sizes to accommodate different medication bottles. To ensure a secure fit, measure your bottle’s neck opening before making your purchase. This small yet essential accessory can significantly improve your medication routine, making it more convenient and precise.

Enhancing Medication Management

Moreover, the GMS 28mm Press In Bottle Adapter is compatible with a wide range of liquid medications and pharmacy bottles. Its simplicity can bring a remarkable improvement to your medication routine. So say goodbye to the hassle and uncertainty of liquid medication administration, and welcome a smoother process into your daily life. Make your medication management a breeze with the GMS Press In Bottle Adapter.

So with the GMS 28mm Press In Bottle Adapter, you can take control of your medication regimen. Also, these adapters provide stability and precision, making it easier to draw the correct dosage of your liquid medication. Compatible with most medication bottles, they offer a versatile solution for managing your health. Plus, their durable and reusable design ensures long lasting convenience. Make the switch to a more accurate and hassle free medication routine with GMS Press In Bottle Adapters.

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