GMS 22mm Press In Bottle Adaptor


  • SIZE: Bottle adapter insert sizes correspond to the outside neck of bottle and not the inside opening. Please refer to the ounces when sizing for liquid oval medication bottles.
  • ACCURATE: Bottle adapters will work with oral syringes used to administer liquid medications. Push in plugs are perfect for measuring accurate dosages in mL.
  • SAFETY: Oval bottle cap can be reapplied without removal of plug to maintain child-resistant seal. The adapters are placed directly inside of the bottle to avoid interfering with the bottle and cap.
  • FUNCTIONAL: The bottle adapters work with almost all liquid medication and pharmacy bottles. Simplify your daily medication routine with these easy to use bottle adapters.
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Press In Bottle Adapter

We all know liquid medication can get messy, but GMS is here to help! GMS GMS 22mm press in bottle adapters make taking liquid medications easy and accurate! Bottle Adapter Plugs help accurately and easily draw the correct dosage of medication by providing stability to the syringe. Simply press the adapter into the bottle opening and enjoy the ease of measuring your liquid medication.

The GMS 22mm Press In Bottle Adapters will not get in the way of the bottle cap and the lid will still close tightly with the adapter in place. Meaning you can leave the adapter in place and know your medications will stay fresh! The durable, BPA-free plastic is washable so you  can reuse them! Just wash them by hand with warm water. The adapters come in a variety of sizes for all of your different medication bottles. We recommend measuring your bottle neck opening so that you purchase the correct size so that it will fit securely into the bottle!

The bottle adapter works with almost all liquid medication and pharmacy bottles! This little adapter can make a huge difference in your medication routine. Make your medication management a breeze with GMS 22mm Press In Bottle Adapters!

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