DittiBags Diabetic Travel Wallet Blue, Black or Pink


  • ? ORGANIZED: With storage space for one insulin pen, five pen tips, a photo ID, credit/debit cards, and two additional pockets, you will be able to store all your daily supplies!
  • ? HIGH QUALITY: The quality material on both the inside and outside looks and feels great! It is a durable bag that will last through all of your travels.
  • ? TRAVEL: The slim design and secure zipper make the bag great for travel. It will easily fit into a bag, purse, or backpack so you can take it with you on-the-go.
  • ? COLORS: Now with more colors than ever, you are sure to find the right bag (or two!) to fit your style!
  • ? DIMENSIONS: 8″X 2 5/8″ X 5/8″
  • SKU: GMS00020-BK, GMS00020-PK, GMS00020-BL
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DittiBags Diabetic Travel Wallet

Elevated Quality and Style

The DittiBags Diabetic Travel Wallet is a versatile and stylish companion for daily life, now with upgraded materials and colors.

Streamlined Portability

Due to its slim design, this bag easily fits into your purse, backpack, or travel bag, ensuring convenient portability.

Secured and Spill-Proof Travel Wallet

Fear not, for the bag securely seals with a zipper closure, thus providing peace of mind, ensuring that your supplies won’t accidentally spill, and offering a variety of colors to choose from, allows you to match your bag to your unique style.

Versatile Diabetes Management

The DittiBags Diabetic Travel Wallet excels not only in form but also in function. Whether you need it for daily use or travel adventures, it’s thoughtfully designed to streamline your medication management.. Simplify your routine and gain confidence in managing your diabetes.

Discover Your Perfect Bag

If you’re unclear about which diabetes bag suits your lifestyle, take a moment to explore our dedicated blog on different bag options. Here, you can discover the perfect bag that aligns seamlessly with your needs and choice from our wide selection, ensuring your diabetes management is both stylish and efficient.. Furthermore, elevate your diabetes management experience with DittiBags, and ensure that your daily routine is both stylish and efficient.


The DittiBags Diabetic Travel Wallet stands as a symbol of quality, organization, and style. With its recent upgrade, it’s ready to accompany you on your daily journeys and adventures. Choose DittiBags for effective and diabetes management.