Cushion Adhesive Clear Nose Pads Halfmoon15mm x 7mm x 2.5mm


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Product Size: 15mm x 7mm x 2.5mm

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Cushion Adhesive Clear Nose Pads

GMS Optical Cushion Adhesive Clear Nose Pads are perfect for many sizes of eyeglasses. They help prevent glasses from slipping on the face while making them more comfortable to wear.

INSTRUCTIONS: Wash your hands before removing pad from backing. Use a dust-free cloth or paper towel and denatured or isopropyl alcohol to clean any dust or oils from the surface of glasses. It is important to remove any trace oil on frames for best adherence. Remove pad from backing and avoid touching pad backing with fingers. Oils from hands will reduce pad stickiness. Place pad on bridge of glasses and press down. Repeat on the other side. If you aren’t sure what nose pad that you need for your glasses, take a look at our “What Nose Pad are You” blog to help you find what will work best for you.They would be made from a hypoallergenic, skin-friendly silicone material that ensures a comfortable fit.

I’m glad to hear that you find GMS Optical Cushion Adhesive Clear Nose Pads to be perfect for your needs! Adhesive silicone nose pads can indeed offer excellent comfort and stability, making them a popular choice among eyeglass wearers. They typically adhere securely to the glasses’ bridge area, providing a cushioned and comfortable fit while reducing pressure on the nose.

If you have any questions or need further information about these nose pads or any other eyewear-related topics, feel free to ask. I’m here to help!



Why Choose GMS Optical?

COMFORTABLE ? Makes any frame more comfortable to wear. These nose pads are ideal for making cheap sunglasses, readers, or blue light blocking glasses more enjoyable for extended wears.

PREVENTS SLIPPING ? Eliminates glasses from slipping on the face while doing daily activities such as lawn care, boating, working, or any other physical activity.

LONG LASTING – The super sticky adhesive backing allows the nose pad maximum longevity and comfort.

DURABLE – These pads are created with premium grade soft silicone for a strong durable product that is built to last

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