ChillMed Companion | Diabetes Glucose Meter Case


» Meet the all-new ChillMed Companion! This bag was designed to be the perfect daily diabetes bag. Take on your day with confidence knowing your ChillMed Companion is right there with you.

» The unique meter pocket design is built to fit any brand of glucose meter. The velcro system will safely hold your meter while making it easy to access.

» The bag also features a slot of your insulin pen along with two zippered pockets for supplies like test strips, snacks, alcohol wipes, and more.

» The compact size makes this bag easy to take with you on-the-go! The Companion is always ready to keep up with you and your busy schedule.

» The exterior of the bag is durable and made to last. You can get the bag in any of our ChillMed signature colors: Red, Blue, or slate. Find the perfect color (or two) to fit your style!

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Meet the newest addition to the ChillMed line, the ChillMed Companion Diabetes Glucose Meter Testing Case! This bag will be your new go-to bag for your daily diabetes supplies. This bag is functional and organized, everything you want in a diabetes bag! Inside, the bag features a specially designed Velcro pocket that can fit any type of glucose meter. It also features a slot to safely carry an insulin pen. The other side of the bag features two zippered pockets to store supplies like test strips, alcohol wipes, snacks, and more! This glucose meter kit is ideal for daily use. The thoughtfully designed interior can easily store and organize test kit supplies making them easy to access and ready to take on-the-go.

The low-profile bag comes in the three signature ChillMed colors: Blue, Red, and Slate. The ChillMed Companion will keep you organized and prepared while you go about your day! The small size and handle make this bag great for taking on-the-go! The ChillMed Companion will always be by your side, no matter where you go. Whether you’re off to school, going to work, or visiting friends and family, this bag will easily keep up with you.

Not sure what ChillMed Bag to get? Check out our “What ChillMed Bag Are You?” blog for help! Read more about our line of ChillMed Bags and find the one that best fits your lifestyle.

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