GMS 7 Day AM/PM Pill Pod Pill Organizer


  • ORGANIZED: Make your weekly medication management easy with the GMS 7 Day AM/PM Pill Organizer! This pill case offers two pill pods per day that are clearly labeled with the day and time allowing you to accurately organize your pills based on your medication schedule.
  • TRAVEL: Each pill pod can be removed from the base and taken with you on-the-go. With a slim design, the pill pods will fit easily into your pocket, purse, or backpack so you can always have your medication on hand.
  • STRONG: The durable pill pods are built to last. The latch is designed to snap shut and keep your medication safe and secure.
  • RELIABLE: With clearly printed labels, strong latches, and durable plastic, you can be sure your medication will be safe and organized. Enjoy peace-of-mind when it comes to your medication management with the GMS 7 Day Pill Pod Organizer.
  • Pill Pod Measurements: 3 cm W x 1.5 cm L x 4 cm H
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7-Day AM/PM Pill Organizer Pop Out Pill Pods Rainbow GMS


The GMS 7-Day AM/PM Pill Organizer is your go-to solution for medication management. With its thoughtful design, it offers an easy way to keep your medications organized and your schedule on track.

Convenient Pill Pods:

This weekly pill reminder comes with two pill pods for each day: one for the morning and one for the evening. Moreover these pods are designed for easy removal from the base, allowing you to take your medication with you wherever you go. The pods feature sturdy latches to keep your pills securely in place, ensuring you never miss a dose.

Color-Coded and Clearly Labeled:

The rainbow colors of the pill pods serve a dual purpose. They not only add a touch of vibrancy but also help you stay organized.? Each day of the week assigned a different color. Additionally, the lids of the pods are boldly labeled with the corresponding day and time (AM/PM) for quick and hassle-free identification.

Neat and Compact Storage:

When not in use, the pill pods neatly and securely fit into the white base, maintaining organization and accessibility. Also the slim design of this pill organizer allows it to effortlessly slot into your medicine cabinet or sit on your countertop, providing easy access to your medications.

Medication Pill Management Made Simple:

Managing your medications can be a stressful task, but the GMS 7-Day AM/PM Pill Organizer simplifies the process. After all it’s a reliable tool to help you organize and track your medication for the entire week. With this pill organizer, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your doses are easy to access.

Stay on top of your medication regimen with the GMS 7 Day AM/PM Pill Organizer, your partner in medication management.

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