Push In Nose Pads

GMS Optical Push – In Nose Pads offer next-level comfort. The flexible silicone helps give your glasses a more secure fit, because your eyes deserve the best!

Tired of your glasses sliding off your face? The premium silicone material helps to keep your glasses in place and reduces irritation. Say goodbye to painful red spots on your nose!

GMS Optical offers nose pads for every pair of glasses. With a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, you are sure to find the right fit for you. Tip: be sure to measure your glasses to find the best nose pad type for your glasses.

Don’t waste time and money on new glasses. Use GMS Optical Push – In Nose Pads to revive your frames and bring new comfort and life to your glasses!

Note: Push – In Nose Pads be sure to measure your frames to find the right size and best fit for your glasses. Push – In Nose Pads style does not require screws.

Why Choose GMS Optical?

COMFORTABLE – Our Push-on Nose Pads Makes any frame more comfortable to wear.These nose pads are ideal for making cheap sunglasses, readers, or blue light blocking glasses more enjoyable for extended wears.

PREVENTS SLIPPING – Nose Pads Eliminates glasses from slipping on the face while doing daily activities such as lawn care, boating, working, or any other physical activity.

LONG LASTING – Our  Nose Pads allows the maximum longevity and comfort.

DURABLE – These Push-in Nose Pads are created with premium grade soft silicone for a strong durable product that is built to last

Why GMS Optical

1.We are the experts,we were the first optical brand on Amazon.com to sell nose pads for your glasses.

2.We have been innovating new designs through customer feedback since 2014. GMS Optical is located in the USA.

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