Techni Ice HDR 4 Ply Reusable Ice and Heat Packs (6 Sheets)


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STAYS COLD: When you store in the freezer, and add it to your cooler it will keep its temperature for long enough to keep your food and medicine safe.

CAN BE USED HOT: If you need to keep your soup or other hot items warm, just run hot water on it and it will keep your food warm for picnics.

NO SLIME: The Techni Ice does not leave any slime when thawed out. Many ice packs leave slime residue after they thaw which is not only annoying, but it can get into your stuff.

GREAT FOR FOOD: The ice box is great for lunch boxes, picnics or camping. Take your cold or hot food out with you without it changing the temperature.

REDUCE SWELLING: Great for using as an ice pack for shoulder or back pain, or after an injury to reduce inflammation. Simply cut it to the size of your injured area and apply the ice pack.

REUSE THE PACKS: This Techni-Ice packs can easily be reused. Simply redo the former steps and use them again and again.

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Techni Ice reusable dry ice packs/gel packs start as a flat sheet and absorb water through a special perforation technology in the surface of the product. This is achieved by scrunching the sheets between your hands whilst immersed in warm water for a few minutes until the air bubbles have escaped. The hydration process then begins and the cells will swell which means it’s ready to be used. The water enters through the surface and activates the polymer which then swells the sheet into 24 individually sealed cells and can be frozen and cut to size. Techni Ice reusable dry ice packs/gel packs can be used hot, cold, or frozen. It can also be used in 12-volt fridge/freezers to reduce the cost of keeping them cold.

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