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  • WIDTH 15″LENGTH 19.5″HEIGHT 7.75″
  • The Made-in-America Safe-T-Stool is the safest step stool available on the market today. It includes a slip resistant stepping surface and footing, tip proof design, handles for convenient carrying, and supports 500 pounds. Used properly, it is impossible to tip or flip no matter where your feet are on the stool.
  • Standing surface area: 13″ x 9″


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What makes the Safe-T-Stool different from other stools on the market? Safe-T-Stool has an anti-tip design, non-slip surface, and a skid proof bottom. There aren’t any sharp edges, and it has a 500 lb load capacity! Plus it comes in a variety of colors, and it’s made of polypropylene, which is almost indestructible. Not only is it safe, it’s lightweight! Who would benefit from having a Safe-T-Stool? The short answer is everyone! Almost every household needs a stool for that hard-to-reach item or area. However, most household stools are unsafe. The Safe-T-Stool can help all populations facilitate lifestyle needs safely and securely. Was cost the main factor for developing the Safe-T-Stool? The Safe-T-Stool’s main concern is safety. At We are not the cheapest stool on the market, but we are the safest. With our product, value exceeds price. How does the Safe-T-Stool work? Unlike your standard step stool, the Safe-T-Stool doesn’t have legs, and with our patent pending angles used on all four sides it eliminates the issue of tipping over. Plus the rubber top and bottom decrease the chance of slippage. Does it matter where you stand on the stool? No. Under normal conditions, the stool will not flip or tip no matter where you stand on the stool. Is the Safe-T-Stool multi-functional? Of course! Not only can the Safe-T-Stool be used as a stepping stool, you can flip it upside down and use it as a carrier for a variety of items. Use it as a potting bucket or as a carrier for your gardening supplies. You can throw some ice in it with you favorite beverages and hit the beach. The uniquely designed handles make it easy tote your cleaning supplies around the house. Also with the anti-slipping and impossible tipping the Safe-T-Stool is great for stepper exercises.

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Glossy Green, Glossy Grey, Glossy Pink, Matte Black, Matte Blue, Matte Red, Medical Blue


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