GMS NefCase | Child Resistant Waterproof Portable Case for EpiPen or AndrenaClick


NefCase is a safe way to store and carry EpiPens or Andrenaclicks.

  • Holds two Adrenaclicks or one EpiPen.
  • Waterproof when properly sealed.
  • Intuitive Tylenol® style push and turn type cap for ease of use.
  • Comes with carabiner and key ring so you can attach to a backpack, belt loop or purse.

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Protect your child with NefCase. Made with BPA free Tritan plastic makes this case a robust, durable medication protector that is crack resistant. Perfect for vacations, holidays, and camping trips. Whether it is bee season in the spring or during a nutty desert holiday, as a parent you can be relieved that your child’s medication is nearby and protected.  Simply push & turn vial cap, much like the child safety caps on popular over the counter pain relievers. The only child-resistant case on the market designed for emergency auto-injector medication. The easy to use cap is designed to deter children from getting into the medication but simple enough to open during an emergency.  Comes with a carabiner and key ring to attach to a backpack, belt loop or purse. The key ring can also be used to put a name tag on it for more than one NefCase in the family or at school. This can eliminate confusion when needing to access medication in an emergency.  To use the NefCase correctly, simply remove the outer case that the EpiPen comes in and insert the EpiPen into the NefCase.

WARNING: If you try to put the EpiPen into the NefCase without removing the outer case, the product will not fit into the protective case. 

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