GMS VitaCarry Pocket Pill Box | 4 Compartments | Small Pastel Orange


The GMS Pocket Pill Box is a necessity for your daily on-the-go medication taking.

  • Made of Safe Material: Our products are made of 100% safe, food grade plastic that is BPA Free. Make sure your pills safe and secure with this 4-compartment pill box.
  • Easy Portability: Each of these pill boxes are small enough to be carried in your pocket. Whether it be traveling, hiking, or simply just leaving the house, you can trust the VitaCarry brand to keep your pills safe while providing a lightweight container.?
  • Surprising Storage: Even though these pill boxes are lightweight, the VitaCarry 4-compartment pill boxes can hold up to 20 pills. With our pill boxes you wont need to sacrifice storage for portability.?
  • Variety: Made with a small and cute design, you can choose with a variety of colors in our VitaCarry brand.
  • Product Dimensions: 3.0″ x 2.0″ x 0.6″
  • SKU: GMS30020-PO

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Keep Your Medication Organized While On The Go

The GMS VitaCarry Pocket Pill Box is the perfect container to help you bring your medication with you. Whether you are going on a long hike, trying to get through airport security, or simply just leaving the house to run errands, this 4-compartment pill box will keep your medication secure and organized. The VitaCarry pill boxes are designed to be sleek and clean with a variety of colors to choose from. The lightweight design on our pill boxes makes it easy to store your medication in your pocket or travel bag. There is no need to sacrifice storage for portability when it comes to our VitaCarry pill boxes though. These containers can hold up to 20 aspirin sized pills while still keeping your medication secure. All of our VitaCarry pill boxes are made of safe, 100% food grade plastic so that you can rest assured that your medication is safe.