GMS Pet Pill Dispenser | Easily and Safely Give Animals Medication


Keep your pets happy and healthy with the GMS Pet Pill Dispenser.

  • EASY: Easily administer pills and medications to your dogs, cats, and other pets. This pill gun eliminates the need to hide your pets medication in food or the need to trick them into eating their pills.
  • CONTROL: The plunger that the GMS Pet Pill Dispenser uses gives you the control to gently administer your pet’s medication. You wont need to force the pill down your pet’s throats with this device. The plunger allows you the control to slowly push your pet’s medication into their mouth and limits the chance of choking.
  • SAFE: The GMS Pet Pill Dispenser is made from 100% food safe, non-toxic plastic to ensure that your pets medication will remain safe for consumption.
  • VERSATILITY: This pill has multiple uses and can be used for a variety of pill sizes and medications. You can also use this pill gun to give food to smaller baby animals that have not started eating on their own yet. 
  • RE-USABLE: Use this pill dispenser as many times as you need to. The food grade plastic that makes up this device is durable and will withstand multiple uses.
  • CLEAN: This pill gun is easy and simple to clean. Just pull the plunger out of the pill tube, rinse both parts with water, and simply let them air dry until you need to use the device again. 
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Easily Give Pets Their Pills

The GMS pet pill dispenser makes administering medication to your pets a breeze. Stop worrying medication in your dogs food or trick your cat into eating their pills when you have the GMS Pet Pill Dispenser. Durable and slender, this device safely assists your pet in swallowing their medication. Made with 100% food safe, non-toxic plastic, you can rest soundly knowing that your pet will be able to safely take their medications. Administer medication with perfect control. The plunger on the end of the dispenser helps to gently push the medication into your pet’s mouth and into their throats.

Versatile, Re-Usable, and Easy to Clean

This pill gun works for animals of all sizes and ages. You can even use this device to help to feed smaller baby animals food. Whether you need to administer pills or portion food, this pill gun will do the job. Re-use this pill gun as many times as you need to. The hard plastic that the device is made up of makes the cleaning process easy. Just rinse the pill gun with water, pull out the plunger, and let the piller air dry.


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