GMS Optical | Tear Drop | Push In | Nose Pads | 15mm | Clear


  • These quality engineered nose pads are tear drop shaped and made from premium grade silicone.
  • Great for replacing worn, lost, or broken nose pads. They are also a great upgrade to generic cushions.
  • Simply remove your old nose pads from your prescription glasses, readers, cheaters, or sunglasses and push in the your new GMS nose pads.
  • These nose pads make glasses feel great, sit better, and reduce pain and discomfort


GMS Optical Nose Pads are premium grade silicone. The soft material allows for maximum comfort for long term wear. Tear drop shaped push-in nose pads are a great way to comfortably get the most use out of your eyeglasses without having to spend a ton of money on new frames. New nose cushions are the best way to upgrade and update your eye wear.

Additional information

Weight .5 oz

10 Pairs, 5 Pairs