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Eye Wash Cup

We’ve all experienced dry, irritated eyes. The GMS Glass Eye Wash Cup is a safe and reliable way to remove dirt, debris, or other irritants from your eyes. The GMS Optical Glass Eye Wash Cup is also great to use on tired eyes to help improve circulation for clean and refreshed eyes. When used regularly, the cup can help reduce infection or bacteria and eliminate dust and dirt. Use the Eye Wash Cup to start and end your day with refreshed eyes. Make clean eyes a part of your daily routine with the GMS Optical Glass Eye Wash Cup!

The glass cup can be easily cleaned for safe use. Simply put the cup in boiling water for up to 10 minutes. Next wait for it to cool down, and finally enjoy a clean eye bath. The cup is designed to universally fit most individuals. It has a smooth, curved lip to fit comfortably around the eye. It also has a base handle to easily hold the cup in place.

Learn more about the benefits of using an eye wash cup in our blog, “Wash Away Annoying Particles.” Keep your eyes feeling fresh with the GMS Optical Eye Wash Cup!