GMS Optical | Anti Blue Light Blocking Glasses | Full Frame


  • Helps alleviate eye strain and fatigue that come from using digital and smart devices. Additionally, these help decrease blurred vision which is common to experience after binge-watching TV, movies, or after a long session of computer and video gaming. Wearing these glasses while using devices before bed can create a better night’s rest, and who doesn’t want better sleep?
  • These lenses are only for protecting from blue light, they are not corrective lenses.
  • These glasses block most of the blue light emitted from using digital devices such as tablets, televisions, monitors, and phones.
  •  These classic black unisex frames are stylish and sleek for any time and anywhere. They will match with any outfit you’re in, whether that’s dressed up or dressed down. In the office or on the couch, GMS’s digital glasses are the fitting accessory.
  •  1 pair of glasses, 1 protective case, super-soft cleaning cloth,  comfortable nose pads, and soft silicone temple tips.
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GMS Optical Blue Light Blocking Glasses do not have a yellow tint. This allows graphic artists and designers to block blue light glare from monitors without altering the ability to see colors accurately.  These glasses are not just for artists, anybody can comfortably block blue light when faced with other digital tasks such as accounting, working on spreadsheets, and other highly focused digital activities. Let GMS Optical help you meet deadlines without eye fatigue and headaches that are caused by long hours in front of a screen.

GMS Optical Blue Light Blocking Glasses reduce screen glare from devices allowing for maximum screen time. These are a must-have for anyone who spends all day working with computers. These glasses will help reduce eye fatigue, eye strain, and headaches. Great bundle for creatives and business people to make computer work that much easier.

This package comes with a pair of glasses, a protective case, a super-soft cleaning cloth,  comfortable nose pads, and soft silicone temple tips.

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