GMS Dr. Thomas Anal Rinse | Portable Bidet Sprayer & Cleanser

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It’s easy to stay fresh and clean with the GMS Dr. Thomas Anal Rinse

  • Tip design delivers a unique spray pattern for maximum cleansing of the anal canal.
  • Reduces the common side effects of anal seepage: itching, staining of undergarments & odor.
  • Compact for convenient and discreet transport for active individuals.

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Made of non-toxic material the Dr. Thomas anal rinse is a portable bidet sprayer. It is for cleaning and rinsing and reduces the side effects of seepage, itching and odor.

Instructions for use: 1. Remove tip 2. Fill bulb with warm water 3. Replace tip 5. Insert tip snugly into anus and squeeze bulb 6. Remove and wipe tip with tissue. Repeat if necessary. Cleaning instructions: Rinse bulb and tip in soapy water. Rinse occasionally with 70% isopropyl alcohol.

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