GMS Aluminum Medication Lock Box | by VitaVault | Medium


Secure medication storage that gives you peace of mind.

  • The aluminum exterior protects medications from exposure to light, rain, hail, snow, dirt, sand, and other unwanted substances. The soft, velvet interior is designed to keep your products in good condition.
  • Equipped with a three digit combination lock and a back-up emergency key.
  • Redesigned locks are 100% metal for a better seal and protection. This guard is extra reinforcement for others to not break in; However, this product is considered deterrent.
  • This box stores countless medication, pills, vitamins, and supplements, along with other medical supplies. Ideal for multiple uses like home, travel, school, work, or daycare.
  • Dimensions – 9 3/4″ x 8″ x 5″
  • SKU: GMS30017

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The GMS Medication Storage Lock Box is small enough to fit in your bathroom cupboard or linen closet, but large enough to hold 20+ bottles of medications. Use it to store syringes, medical supplies, and other items you want to secure. Protect those you love and secure medications in your home, office, school or business. Easily prevent access to prescription medications by locking them up. Featuring one three-digit combination lock and a back-up emergency key allowing you to have options to access your belongings. This keeps medications secure, giving you peace of mind when storing your medications.


Please note: Do not forget to write down your combination. You must keep track of your combination. If you lose your combination you will not be able to reset it and will only be able to unlock the box using the key. The combination cannot be reset when the key is used to unlock the box.



Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 in

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