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Unsure What To Do With Extra Diabetic Supplies?

According to WHO (World Health Organization) over 420 million people are living with diabetes worldwide. When living with diabetes there are multiple different medications and supplies that are needed to survive. The main one being insulin. But, it isn’t as easy as just having an insulin vial and calling it good.

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Three Reasons for Medication Nonadherence

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It’s not a lie that majority of Americans are prescribed medications. In fact, a recent study conducted by the Mayo Clinic shows that about 70% of the nation is taking prescription medication. However, 50% of those people are not taking their medication correctly. When an individual doesn’t take their medication as prescribed, it is known as medication nonadherence (MNA). The reasons for medication nonadherence vary, but today we are going to cover the three most common reasons.

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The New Generation of GMS

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Have you been at a point in your life where it felt like you weren’t making any progress? You simply felt stuck and the fleeting thought crossed your mind to change some things? Maybe it was something as mundane as your wardrobe. It felt bland and you needed some new clothes to spice it up. Or maybe you just needed that haircut to feel fresh and brand new. Well, Group Medical Supply was going through the same issue. Which is why we have decided to start a new generation of GMS–yay! Welcome to the start of our health and wellness community!

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