Slick and efficient, the GMS 7-Day Stack Pill Organizer. Provides 7 stack-able pill jars to organize your vitamins, medications, or any knick knacks. The extra lid that comes with the 7 stack-able pill containers gives you the flexibility to separate. Use as many of the pill containers that you need. Just twist off a few of the containers and stack them together to bring with you on your adventures. Use the extra lid to seal up the remaining containers or use the extra lid to separate your stack-able cases containers into 2 different stacks to bring with you.

At the house or on the go. You can choose from 3 different sizes to find the right size to suit your organizational needs. The smaller size stack-able jars are perfect for throwing into a travel bag or a purse. The medium size stack able contain ers fit great in a medicine cabinet or cupboard. The large size stack-able jars sit perfect on top of a dresser or a night stand.

The rainbow color scheme on the GMS 7 Day Stack-able Containers make organizing your daily medications a breeze. Use the weekday adhesive labels and different colors for each day of the week to separate your vitamins and medications into what you need for each day of the week.