Our Story

Open For Business


Our story starts out with a humble beginning. Over a decade ago we found ourselves in a borrowed warehouse with a handful of employees excited to take on this new adventure. The early days were not glamorous! On the days that it rained, there were twelve buckets scattered around to contain the leaks. We were working long hours with plenty of obstacles to overcome, but we made it work. During this time, we launched our company under the name Insulin Case Shop. We had a website and a handful of products including diabetic bags and other healthcare supplies. This borrowed warehouse with its leaky roof was just that start of what would eventually become Group Medical Supply.

Name Change!


We persevered through the rainstorms and started to grow. We had more ideas and higher ambitions than ever before; however, in order to make these ideas a reality we needed to become a corporation. And that’s how Group Medical Supply, LLC came to be! As a unified corporation, we were able to take the company in a new direction. We started to build brand awareness so consumers could associate our quality products with the name Group Medical Supply. During this time, we started to become more well-known in the health and personal care marketplace.

New Year New Office


As we continued to grow, we finally said goodbye to rain buckets and the borrowed warehouse. We found ourselves with more employees and more products, and we realized we had finally outgrown our first home. It was time to find a new place for our growing company. After some searching, we started a new adventure in Plymouth, Minnesota. At a unified office in Plymouth, our company was able to start growing the family-feel culture that we admire so much. Having a collaborative workspace allowed us to generate the ideas that would propel our company forward.



Shortly after moving into our new office, we created the ChillMed Diabetic bags. After hours of researching, designing, testing and redesigning, the first ChillMED bag was ready to hit the market. The ChillMED line was truly designed with the needs of diabetics in mind. At this time, we also designed the DittiBag Diabetic Wallets. The difference between the bags was that ChillMed held more supplies and was ready for a long weekend. Whereas, the DittiBag was designed for a day out or lunch at the park. And this was just the start, over time the two lines would continue to grow and improve.

Out With the Old…


After the introduction of new products and growing interest from consumers, we decided it was time for an upgrade! We finally decided to switch the website name from insulincase.com to groupmedshop.com. Likewise, we changed our Amazon name to GroupMedShop. At this point, we were continuing to develop new brands and improve our products. We spent time building a community and researching our consumers and their needs, which allowed us to come up with a completely new product line.

Welcome, GMS Optical


After plenty of late nights, long meetings, and hard work, we launched our new line – GMS Optical. This new line included products ranging from nose pads, to eye wash cups, to temple tips and blue light blocking glasses. Our goal with GMS Optical is to Make Your Eyes Smile. All of our optical products are designed to make your eye wear more comfortable and to help you take care of your eyes. This new line was a huge step for GMS, allowing us to reach more people in the health and wellness community!

Another New Office?!


After 10 years of progress and hard work, we found ourselves in a familiar situation – we had outgrown our office again! We wanted to stay close to home so that we could keep our wonderful employees during the move. So, we found ourselves a bigger, better space in our home city, Plymouth! This move allowed us to hire more employees, invest in more products, and continue improving our company.

Going Strong


As we settled in at our new space, we continued to push forward with new ideas and innovation. We manufactured our 100th SKU, which meant that our product list was continuing to grow and diversify. We had a plethora of products ranging from nose pads to pillboxes to diabetic travel bags. But we weren’t ready to slow down. With our customers in mind, we continued to research and develop our products. The search for new, innovative products was stronger than ever before.

Ideas, Ideas, and More Ideas


This was a year dedicated to our customers. We spent endless hours researching and analyzing products to ensure that we were giving our customers the very best. We wanted to base our progress on inspiration from our consumers because the more we know, the more we can help. Throughout this process, we made improvements to our current products to ensure they were exceeding expectations. While gaining information from what our consumers wanted, we launched Cold Pax. Cold Pax are ice packs that can keep items cool for several hours. We added Cold Pax to our ChillMED bags to give them more function and provide more value.

Building from Within


Now selling on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and of course, our website, Group Medical Supply was gaining recognition and brand awareness. After years of growth and hard work, we decided it was time for some self-care! We wanted to re brand and reshape the entire company, both internally and externally. We aimed to strengthen our culture in the workplace and make sure our practices and values were aligned. We wanted each employee to come to work feeling excited and motivated. We also wanted GMS to feel like a community, not just a brand.