Our Story

Open For Business


Group Medical Supply launched under the name Insulin Case Shop and created their own website. The primary products that were being soldare diabetic bags and healthcare supplies

GMS Expands Product Line Further


As the company expandsed, it needed to incorporate under Group Medical Supply, LLC to broaden the product line further. This new direction strengthened the company in the health and beauty marketplace

New Office


The company's growth with the new name change needed even more space to accommodate employees and products. A new office was needed and thus Group Medical Supply began a new adventure in Plymnouth, MN

ChillMed Diabetic Bags Launched


The ChillMED brand is manufactured and launched. The first products from the new diabetic line are the ChillMED Elite bag and ChillMED Premier travel case. The company DittiBags LLC and its brand is aquied to accompany the ChillMED brand to strengthen Group Medical Supply's position in the market.

New Website


GroupMedShop.com replaced insulincase.com and allowed for an updated user experience. To increase brand cohesion, the seller name changed to GroupMedShop on Amazon.com

GMS Optical Launched


The GMS Optical and VsionAir brands are created and launched. This is a big turning point in the company because it has established itself as a big player in the health and beauty marketplace

New Expanded Office


Group Medical Supply expands again, with the help from the new brands and products requiring a bigger office and warehouse. A new 20,000 sq. ft facility in Plymouth, MN is created. This allowed for expansion in the product line, more employees, and furthering brands. The company VitaVault LLC and its brand is aquired.

Moving On Up


Growth is rampant at the company and it manufactured its 100th SKU which furthers the company's positioning in the marketplace. The lookout for new innovative ideas and products has never been stronger.

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas


Group Medical Supply continues to listen to the consumer and improve product lines. The number one incentive for progress is innovation. The company continues to make improvements on theri own brands and manufactured products. Cold Pax and GMS brands are launched this year.

New Beginnings


GMS continues to build partnerships with companies such as Walmart and specialize int he market by creating parent brands; GMS Healthy Living, GMS Optical, GMS Safety, GMS Diabetic, and GMS Medical Compliance.